Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've missed out on Random Tuesday but since I started this post 3 days ago I'm just happy to get this far. 

It is obvious that I'm not much of a germaphob because this had never occurred to me but now....ewwwww.  I hope this app is made for a droid. 

Grossed out by hotel TV remotes? There's an app for that.

Watching TV or a movie in your hotel room just got a little less icky.
LodgeNet Interactive Corporation, which provides on-demand or other TV-based services in more than 1.7 million hotel rooms in North America, now has a free mobile app that allows guests to use their own smartphones or tablets to control the TV.

Someday I want my own little building. I'm not asking for much. Just a little something like this:

Or maybe this:
Someplace bright with lots of windows. 

Without the kitchen. Having a bath would be a must. I need someplace to clean brushes and such. Maybe a little wet bar area to keep beverages. But, all simple like. Nothing fancy. I don't really want to live it in. I just want to get away to someplace I can work where it is a pain in the butt for people to bug me. *sigh* Maybe some day.

 I bought these little dishes the other day. I love them. No! I really do love them. I find that they are just the right size for everything from baked eggs to individual casseroles. They clean up easily. They are just great for the downsize cooking I've been doing lately. And, for $4.99 a piece at the local grocery store they were a great buy. This is one of my new favorite kitchen things. I use them almost as much as I use my corkscrew.

Have you got a favorite kitchen thing, or dream place or new cell app find?



  1. I do now - I want that first little building! Preferably on a desert island.

  2. No new aps here. No smart phone.
    I would love a reading nook. Like a really comfortable window seat with shelves around it.
    I just got a new toaster that I'm trying to figure out. I'm not sure it's a favorite yet.

  3. For the hotel's TV remote I take the plastic bag that is used for lining the ice bucket and put my hand in it and then pick up the remote to cover it with the bag. Then I press the buttons on the remote that is engulfed in the baggie.
    I am loving my immersion blender for creamy soups.

  4. Jan: JR promises me that the next house we buy will have a getaway for me. I heart him.

    VandyJ: Your reading nook sounds heavenly.

    Michele R: We spell our names the right way. :) Excellent idea on the plastic bag trick.

  5. My iPhone is on the way. I'll let you know then. My Droid can't store more than the calendar without wonking out..

  6. The first one, not so easy. The second shed is a very do-able design. The one humungus expense would be getting the utilities out to it. It would be darn handy also when you do go for it, that you think of parking it in a nice fresh stream rather than going the tub route. You could go with a yurt-type sweat-lodge then dash to the stream and cool things. In winter you could roll about in the snow.
    I see no reason why your menfolk couldn't do the needful.

    Is it a kind of a ramekin. My fave thing right now is a two egg frying-pan. I decided if the only think I can actually taste as being organic is eggs. I might as well buy something to cook them that hasn't a taint of meat fats. It cooks two perfectly, three merge.

  7. Vince: I never roll around in the snow. We have a new two egg frying pan also but I really love the ramekins for baking eggs.

  8. I always disinfect the hotel remote. They gross me out, but I like the idea of using an app more.

    Love those cute dishes!

  9. I want one of those little houses too! And if I could figure out some way of putting it in another dimension it could really be a great escape.

  10. Ah! I did a post last week with pictures of "writers sheds" and I've been obsessed with the idea of a tiny little house all my own ever since. Wouldn't it be amazing! I am NOT a germaphobe, and the idea of "hotel remote" makes me...hesitant. God bless the app.

  11. My own space...with no one in it but me....heaven. Then pretty soon I would ask the cats in, then the dogs and then terry and then the grandchildren...and Iwould have lost.