Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend activities - Nessa approved

We have been having several long conversations about how we (when I say "we" I mean "me" because while JR will support my activity he has chosen to take the stance that this is a one person job and he is NOT THAT PERSON. He also gives me some jibber jabber about him not knowing how to run the steam cleaner and that I am so much better at this sort of thing, yada yada yada; fine I'll do it!) need to steam clean the sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman and that after we steam clean them we should put slipcovers over them so we wouldn't have to do it again...soon...or ever.

We made the supreme mistake of buying cream colored furniture. I wanted the red but JR thought we should get the color that closely matched the dog's fur. It was a conversation that we had while he stood in front of the furniture while it was in the store and I looked at it online. At the time we were living in two different cities, in two different states, with a state in-between. Oh, and two time zones away. Are you confused yet? I certainly am. 

Anyway, this Sunday was the day. The day that I decided out of outright desperation to just clean the dang things and stop all the long conversations.

They can out pretty well, I think. I couldn't find a slipcover for the chair or the ottoman but to tell you the truth I kind of like the not so matchy matchy look it gives the room. I'm not a particularly matchy matchy kind of person so it's all good. 


As you can see we went with green. (and when I say "we" I mean I stood in front of the slipcover display at the store trying to call JR but he didn't have his cell phone on even though I have told him countless times to do so because what if it had been an emergency? And, really wasn't it? What if I had brought home the wrong color of slipcover? Who would have had to take it back? That's right, ME! I made the executive decision to go with the green. I'm sticking by it.) 

The cushions dried in record time. The weather was warmish (72 degrees), a little breezy and very low humidity. Perfect for drying furniture out on the patio.


Terrible over exposure of Nessa in this shot but the important part of this is; there is no longer a space between the bottom edge of the sofa and loveseat and the floor. Why is this so important? Because now Nessa's balls won't roll under them or Nessa can no longer roll balls under them. I think she does this trick on purpose, so I'll have to get down there because when I do she always takes the opportunity to lick my face. I love doggie kisses as well as the next person but sometimes her aim is a little bad and I get a kiss right on the mouth or maybe her aim is a little too good depending on who you are. 

It was a lot of work. I'm a bit sore and for some reason my thinking processes are a little fuzzy today (maybe the fumes) The best part is the slipcovers have been doggie approved. Isn't that all that matters?



  1. All of our furniture is Scooter approved.

    It's a wonder anyone sits on it. Besides the dog, of course.

  2. Ha, before I got the dog I was drifting into the weird realm of a house proud man. That ended week one when she shook the crap from herself in that rolling motion that starts at the nose and ends somewhat later with the tail sending dirt to the clouds.
    Congrats on the covers.

  3. You know I love you, right? And JR too.
    But the couch? Why does it look like the front of the couch cushions has a butt crack? I can't stop laughing! (Of course, I thought of possible thong or granny panty possibilities for couch accessories.) (Gah! I'm horrible! Delete me! I deserve it!)

  4. I made the mistake of doing the cream thing when I had babies. What were you and I thinking? Ok, me and you hubs...what were we thinking?

    Good call on the green, and it looks great!

  5. After all that work it is a very good thing its doggy approved! Nessa would rock slipcover commercials!

  6. Those are slipcovers?! Damn, they look really good. Even with the butt crack. I think I have some kind of slipcover prejudice, because I heard slipcovers and I thought "Ick". But these are cute! Good call.

  7. I'm with Gretchen - I'm marveling at how great those slipcovers look! And the fact that they're doggie approved? Double bonus. ;)

    Farewell Chuck, and a Busy Week with a Psycho Schedule leads to a Foggy Brain

  8. You are very lucky, Nessa! We don't get to sit on the furniture. I used to be able to in my other life,but Mom and Dad don't understand.



  9. Thank you for the gift of this beautiful blog post