Monday, February 13, 2012

Just passing this along.

As most of you know I advocate/evangelize/whatever you want to call it for Meatless Mondays. I think that Americans eat too much meat and too much meat that is not raised sustainable. I'm also big on mindful eating. I could go on and on about this but really you've heard it all before from me.

The other day I received an email from Joey (Joanne but she goes by Joey and since I've hung around (virtually of course) (don't you love parentheses within parentheses?, yeah me too) the Meatless Monday crew for awhile I feel comfortable calling her that. I also developed a burning need to go to NYC to visit their kitchens because I bet they are awesome and I've always wanted to cook in an chefs kitchen. Think they would let me come cook for them some time? Joey? Broad hint at getting an invite.) at Meatless Monday about a book that Grace is coming out with next week and would I be interested in reviewing it. My response was,

"Hi Joey,

I'm a librarian...I never pass up a free book.


See there is nothing librarians like more than books and free things. So this rung my bell on two levels. Ya gotta love that. But, as a librarian I have to do my homework first. I won't put my name/blog/support behind just anything because they'll give me free stuff (Yes, Albertson's that includes you and your review request for Thanksgiving turkeys. Seriously, did you not read my blog?)

So I looked up Grace and found I liked most of what I saw (I hesitate to say all because I haven't looked at every page on their website. Who has time?). It also led me to Sustainable Table which was even more up my alley because I am nothing if not totally food driven. I took a little time to cherry pick a couple of things that I felt were important enough to me to pass along to you. 

10 Steps to Eating Sustainable

I particularly liked the buy sustainable search function. I tried it on my zip code but didn't get any results. Then tried I it on the zip code next to mine (covers a wider area of the city) and came up with some cool finds. On the search results page is a Eat Well Guide for travelers. This would be really handy if you are taking a trip. My suggestion to them is make this into a mobile app. I would use that all the time. Even at home.

If you get a chance go check them out. I spent a nice hour wandering around the Sustainable Table site and didn't see/read half of it.



  1. While you know I don't agree with "eat less meat" (it's always a good idea to remember that the US RDA of any food or nutrient is just enough to prevent malnutrition), I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with eating as sustainably as you possibly can - depending on the time of year, 95% to 98% of everything we eat (100% of the meat all year) is locally and sustainably grown and/or raised.

    Beloved and I have been talking about it, and this summer I'm going to do a blog challenge - 30 days of eating only what is grown/raised locally, preferably from a small, local farm. It should be interesting.

  2. If all that was in the meat was what he animal put in it. But up to 25% of its weight is made up of sugar and water. I fully believe that the obesity epidemic is mostly down to processing of food that is hidden from view. I quite simply don't believe any of them.
    Actually that salting you were on about before Christmas reduces the weight of the chicken breast I've brined, so I expect it's draining some of the sugar out.

  3. I'm intrigued! I tried the search function and was surprised to find some places fairly close to where I live - that I never even knew existed. It's going to be time to pay them a visit! :)

  4. I found a grocery store in my area! Thank you!

  5. Vince, that's where the advantage of knowing your farmer - and your butcher! - comes in! All of the animals we buy were raised on pasture, doing what they're supposed to be doing and eating what they're supposed to be eating. Nothing is added to them during processing - I know, because we watched our recent side of beef be butchered, and will be helping process the chickens we buy this summer.

    I love our farmers.

  6. Awesome and great for us when we travel. John and I tend to worry about where we can go when out of town since we refuse to just give in to the convenient.