Friday, February 17, 2012

Congressional hearing on birth control

I was amazed and appalled that the Congressional hearing on birth control did not include one person with a stake in this fight...women. And, it turns out I wasn't the only one, as there are dozens of news reports about this discrepancy. I do find it a bit ironic that when I did a quick Google News search (Congressional hearing on birth control) none of the typical conservative news departments such as Fox News (Yikes, I so hate using the word news in the same sentence as the word Fox) came up on the first page. Why is that do you think?

I thought about writing a whole post about this circus event but to tell you the truth Kimberly said it better than I ever could. Go check out her post, "People with Vaginas Vote.

I'll leave you with that. Have a great weekend.



  1. I was having a laugh over it too. Mostly because crying would get me nowhere.

  2. I guess I just get frustrated that this, abortion, and related issues are ongoing battles year after year after year when there is so much more that needs dealing with.

  3. Forgive me but when women address issues in that way they instantly put my back up. And quite frankly I'm in agreement with 90% of what's written.
    And anyway, precisely who stopped women from taking part in this debate.

  4. Vince: It is sad to say but no women were invited to sit on the committee. Then to add insult to injury when a woman tried to testify following "Robertson's Rules of Order" she was denied without reason. It was a farce.

    1. There is 17 senators and 92 in congress, granted not 50/50. More than enough though to generate grit if they want. They didn't sit on this committee by choice.

  5. Somethings stay true to form...farce is a good word.


  6. Right there with you - it's such a farce.

  7. Just as an intro, I am someone who is not religious and who stands behind a person's right to birth control covered on an insurance plan just like diabetes items and drugs are covered--and to work where they want (i.e. not at a church if you don't want to).
    So, I am not understanding why people are blogging about something happening to women's reproductive rights. I thought the hearings were to discuss whether birth control devices such as pills, IUDs, etc. and tubals should be covered on an employer's group health plan or on an individual policy. The vast majority of plans do cover all this, and ask for the consumer to share a cost such as a copay or a deductible and coinsurance (i.e. for the surgery involved with a tubal or a vasectomy). Some companies or 503(c) like churches may have a Board that does not want to cover BC items. So I thought the hearings were to discuss making every BC item free for the consumer rather than having a shared cost. Instead I am reading about a women's reproductive rights being taken away.
    Medicaid covers BC pills for free or a very low couple dollar copay (states kick in add'l money so it varies by state). Walmart charges $9 per month for several brands of bc pills. The visits to a doc are now free under federal law (preventive care for men, women and children are free) and you get an Rx and go to Walmart or Target. Many 503(c) like private schools or churches have not covered certain BC on their group health plans, (and many are self insured) true, and I thought that this is what the hearings were about--not about a woman's right to have bc.

  8. All the talk about birth control scares the crap out of me! I will definitely be voting.