Friday, December 16, 2011

10 Blog posts sitting in my draft section

I don't know about you but I tend to start posts then save them as a draft with the thought of getting back to them later. I'll write a few sentences or paragraphs maybe add a picture or two then run out of steam, time or words. Or I get bored with the subject. Or I get lazy. Or a combination of all three.

A little after that I forget that I have even started them. They slowly make their way off the page as I add other more meaningful, thoughtful, stupid, redundant, silly posts. Just like the third page of a Google search results page they are forgotten and ignored.

Every once in a great while I filter my "edit posts" page by drafts just to see if something interests me. Something I can expound on. Something I can finish up in record time, without a lot of fuss, without becoming bored by the subject. Something I think ya'll will find entertaining. I would have said provocative or socially redeeming but you would have known I was lying. I don't tend toward social activism on my blog.

So today I thought I would give you a glimpse of those half (okay, mostly all) forgotten posts because if I can't finish them I might as well taunt you with them. Titles are in bold.

1. Things I've never done. This is the start of an idea that I misappropriated borrowed from Gretchen who borrowed it from someone else who borrowed it from someone else and I've forgotten who all those someone elses are. I got to number three and got flustered and depressed. There are too many things I want to do but never will.

2. I have been redeemed. This is a post where I gathered scholarly reports about the health benefits of wine. I think I needed to do a bit of justification at the time. Then decided that I do not need to justify my wine consumption.

3. Things my father use to say. My daddy had some funny sayings and little ditties. See that motto in my banner? Yep daddy's. My daddy was a funny funny man. I thought that someday I'd give you the benefit of his funny.

4. Misspent Youth - quicksand as a playground. This is another post about my Girl Scout camping experience in the wilds of Oklahoma. It is full of danger, rule breaking and 10 year old girls. How can I not finish this one?!

5. Misspent Youth - white jumpsuit + red wine = you do the math. A story about an early twenty-something girl at a star-studded party in the Hollywood hills, a set of sweeping stairs and a glass of red wine. It is not pretty.

6. Misspent Youth - how I met Peter. Another reminiscence of my life in Los Angeles while in my early twenties. This story involves a really bad MacBeth, an eccentric director and my experience as a sculpture muse. Not sure I'll ever finish this one.

7. Misspent Youth - movie musing. Yet another Los Angeles story all about a gay movie theater, wine in brown papers bags and two crazy kids.

8. Misspent Youth - bored teenagers are never a good thing. The story of two bored high school students deciding that a road trip sounded like fun. Has international intrigue.

9. Misspent Youth - Hollywood Hills. The last of the Los Angeles stories that I can tell in public. This one includes horses.

10. Celtic Crosses. Just some postcards with Celtic crosses on them. I think I envisioned doing some research then lost the mojo needed to finish.

Do you feel taunted?
Have you got half finished posts waiting for inspiration?



  1. Hey, at least you get that far. I think up ideas in the car, write half the post in my mind, and then it never gets onto the screen.

    I want to know more about LA. Don't tease me!

  2. Taunted doesn't even begin to describe it.

    I only have four drafts at the time; if they sit there too long, I tend to delete them. Right now I have a half-assed beginning to a post about Green Giant's claim that their frozen vegetables are every bit as fresh and nutritious as those just picked from a farm (I guess depending on the farm, that might not be such a specious claim after all); a half finished post on a pork chop recipe that was destined to become a cook book exclusive; a post postulating whether or not my new diet qualifies as orthorexia (you'll be thrilled to know that according to The Young One's English teacher, vegetarians qualify); and one I started when I'd had a glass (or three) of wine about an argument I got into with a young man on a message board about whether or not homo sapiens are hard-wired to procreate (I can guarantee this one will get deleted).

    It's a wonder anyone reads my blog.

  3. I'm not organized enough to have lots of drafts waiting for me.
    I am interested in the things your Daddy said.

  4. I would re-title #5. Would it not be better with 'Trying for a misspent youth'.

  5. I do the same thing! Once in a while, I'll go back but most of the time I don't even remember to go look in there.

    Yours on the other hand need to be written. You've got good stuff there!

  6. I'm afraid of my drafts section. It taunts me with its undone-ness. I just want to clean house, but then remember some little gem that I don't want to quite get rid of and it's all over from there.

  7. Good for you to at least get started. I never even get that far.

  8. I start them, let them sit and the delete them. Did you decide to get another little puppy?


  9. You are totally taunting, aren't you? I guess that's better than daunting, right? :) I usually keep scattered thoughts/sentences for post ideas in a notepad file named "Post Ideas" which may or may not come to fruition. Might be a better idea to do drafts, so it's less work (especially with the time-consuming picture mode). :)

    Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas! :)

    Rescheduled Birthday with Chuck, Dinosaur Dilemma, Christmas Shopping Conundrum