Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just some things rattling around in my head. I just wish they would keep the noise down.

After watching Sunday Morning on CBS I've decided that my blog is schizophrenic and not one of the powerful. Why I thought it might be (powerful that is; not schizophrenic. I understand that part) is beyond me this morning but after you read the rest of this post you'll understand also. Back to Sunday Morning, they had a short piece on blogs and the impact they make on everything from politics to entertainers to average individuals. Makes me feel powerful. Okay, maybe not so much me but me by association with all the other famous and/or infamous bloggers. Why yes, I do like to delude myself. Why do you ask?

I'm leaving for Ottawa on Wednesday. Any suggestions of what I should do and what I should bring home as souvenirs? Here are the latest suggestions:
1. The Boy wanted maple syrup.
2. JR wanted 222s.  (codeine laced aspirin. He has a touch of arthritis and they seem to help. Or he's addicted to them. I don't rag on him about it. Why?! See where I'm going?)  
3. Sher suggested a beaver dressed in a Royal Canadian Mounty costume. Do you think there was a joke in there that I just didn't get?

My stuffed Portabella mushroom recipe was featured on the Meatless Monday site. I'm giddy. It's been awhile since I was featured. Then again it's been awhile since I've posted a recipe. 

We move in two weeks. JR has started to pack. I've been busy writing a presentation for the Ottawa conference. I'd try to help after that but I've got to write another one for my trip to New Orleans the week after. I think I forgot to tell you that I'll be in New Orleans the last week of the month. Me and 40,000 librarians. The bars and liquor purveyors will never be the same. I think I'll bring back voodoo dolls for my staff. Just not ones that look like me.

Everyday I make JR a hearty breakfast. Ya'll know that the key to a good day is a good breakfast.  This usually consists of a couple of eggs, some veggies of some sort and maybe a veggie sausage though he's not real big on them. And, every morning I make coffee by; grinding up whole bean coffee for our French press and starting the water to boil. I'm doing all this at 5am. (OMG! I sound like either a saint or a 50s housewife. Please don't image me in pearls. I'm more of a ratty pajama pants and tank top kind of gal.)

Unfortunately, this is how this morning went;
1. grind coffee and put into French press
2. top off water in kettle and set on burner
3. stare blankly into the refridgerator
4. keep staring until I get an inspiration for what to serve JR
5. decide that 2 eggs poached in last nights caramelized onion soup topped with soft herbed cheese sounds right.
6. initiate plans for hearty breakfast.
7. wonder why water hasn't boiled yet.
8. shake kettle. Don't ask me why. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
9. deal with finishing actual breakfast.
10. glance at kettle.
11. glance at temperature control knob.
12. turn on burner

I've hit a plateau on my weight loss. I've been the same weight for a week. I blame JR, the weekend, and my own lack of willpower but mostly JR. Let's address each of these issues in order.

1. Blaming JR. This is a given. The man has the metabolism of 6 spider monkeys. He can eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and however much he wants. Then he has the nerve to happily announce to me after he's weighed himself for the first time in a month; "honey, I've lost 5 pounds. That's the lowest I've been since high school. That can't be good for me." Yeah well, shut up. Just.shut.the.hell.up. (that is what I say. In my head that is. Mostly, the response he gets is me flipping him the bird)

2. The weekend. It seems that if I'm not at work I'm eating. Oh sure, all of it is low carb vegetarian good for me stuff but it is still twice as much as I normally eat in any given work day. Obviously, this excuse reason bleeds over into number 3...

3. My sad lack of willpower. Enuf said.

I'm not sure how this post turned into a ranting whining post full of lists but there you go. It is totally indicative of how my day has started and progressed for the last hour. If I didn't have a new employee starting today (Yay! Yay! Double Yay!) I'd call this a day poorly spent and go back to bed.

Wish me luck on my presentation on Thursday. It was very hard to write. How the heck do you talk for 20 minutes about "Designing Preservation Policies and Rules within a Multi-Member Organization" without sounding like a idiot? Or a pompous jerk. Or both?

Here's hoping ya'll have a better day



  1. Oh, boy, could I understand THAT presentation! Ottawa? It's the wrong time of year to go skating on the canal. That's about all I know about Ottawa. Check your email later this a.m., eh?

  2. I wanna party with 40,000 librarians in New Orleans...*whine, whine*

    Beloved makes his own breakfast. You are a saint.

  3. You laugh but I bet I could find you a beaver in a mounty suit in less than half an hour.
    Also, I would like a voodoo doll. Don't care who it looks like, I can just add hair later to make it authentic. I mean....I just like quirky souvenirs...that's it.

  4. Unmitigated: I know you could. If it goes well, how about I send the transcript to you?

    Jan: Partying with 40,000 librarians is spectacular! The cities we go to never knew what hit them. Feel sorry for all the tourists though. They'll never get into a bar or club. The librarians KNOW how to plan.

    Sher: your voodoo doll will be in the mail.

  5. Good luck with that presentation! I know you'll do really well with it. I'm confident. :)

    And I hope you get some willpower back, but I thought you looked great when I saw you!

  6. My blog isn't powerful either. Unless it's sneezes. Then, WATCH OUT!

  7. I'm one of the many unpowerful blogs out there, but it works for me and if a few people come see it every day and smile, hey that's a kind of power right?
    I have little willpower. as evidenced by the parts that jiggle now that didn't used to.

  8. Blue: I'd like to say you wouldn't recognize me but that would be a lie though I am 16 pounds lighter.

    SK: Ewww...Blog snot!

    VandyJ: My parts are marginally less jiggly. And, you have plenty of power to make people smile.

  9. Your blog is plenty powerful. We're all here, right? I mean, it's not like kryptonite or anything, but still.

    What's willpower? I always thought that was one of those "if you could be a superhero, what would your superstrength be?" kind of things...

  10. Nice to hear that 40K librarians in sensible shooz are hitting the Big Easy once again - was there for the very same thang back in '93. Still have the woven palm hat to prove it. As for mild arthritis, may i recommend cod liver oil? The real free-range stuff in a glass bottle, and not trapped in a gelatin capsule. Seriously, it works for moi. The lemon-mint flavored variety is quite palatable w/no fishy burping. If that's TMI, sorry :-).

  11. Your blog is powerful to me ; -) And I want to party with 40,000 librarians too! Pack us all in your suitcase.

  12. I would say that your blog is a powerful one, so there. I don't know anyone else who's been featured on Meatless Monday!

    Good for you blaming JR for your plateau. That's the way to go... Jamie is blaming me for his since I'm off the wagon and he's still trying hard to stay on. But then I show up with stuff like ice cream from the local family-owned shop and boxes of Krispie Kreme donuts... hmm. I am to blame.

    Have fun on your trips and good luck smuggling JR's drugs across the border.

  13. I like a good list post. Appeals to my sense of order. I truly do want to hear about all those librarians set loose in NO. Fun! You can drink Sazaracs and then discuss the derivation of the name.

    Congrats on the Meatless Monday feature!

  14. Really cool, Michele! You are an amazing chef, you know.

    Here is a tid bit for you to run around with in your head
    "2,500,000 is the number of people living in the U.S. in July 1776. Tha's just slightly larger than the population of Houston today."--Caroline Stanley with Jordan Shakeshaft and Maria Eugenia Miranda

  15. I blame everyone around me. Vacation did not help.
    Then that willpower that is just plain lazy.
    I hope to canvas some of my photos for the cabin. Thats been the plan. If it will happen.....who knows!

  16. Are there NON multi-member organizations?

  17. I remember your last move - goodness you're going through that particular hell again? ack. oh yeah Crone and Bear It is back.... and I know your presentation rocked. ;)