Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bloggy Awards = fail


Lookee what Gretchen gave me! Thank you Gretchen!

I know I have another one around here somewhere but danged if I can find it. If one of you have given me one lately please let me know and I'll probably forget it again because I'm a dork get right to it. 

Every once in awhile I get one of these and I'm always so excited. I flutter around. I try to be all self effacing by saying things like, "aww shucks" and "I don't deserve it" (which I totally don't, BTW). Then things seem to take a turn for the worst.

I usually stick them into a folder on my computer for later display. I oh and aw over it. I feel completely unworthy. And, I agonize over who I will pass it on to. Then I take a look at the ways that I have to play them forward. That is the moment that my fears are realized. There is always some work involved in these things. Perfectly understandable. People work hard to make the button and think of ways to bring recognition to those bloggers they love. I get it. Only, some of these things get really complicated; e.g. mention the giver in the post, name 100 things about yourself, stand on your head, show the second picture on your camera, name 10 other bloggers to give it too, give them your first born (which if you can get him away from his wife you are welcome to him.) the list goes on. I'm totally deflated by this time. Because...

OMG people! 

I am so lazy. I barely have the energy to dress myself and if I was not the boss of people I'd go to work dressed like all the other students (tank top, shorts, and flip flops). There is some sort of sticky residue on my bathroom counters that would take all of 5 seconds to wipe off but do I? Nope, too lazy! Clean my bedside table, HA! Ain't gonna happen. Finish the 3 paintings I have started? Well, yeah, those will get done. Bad example.

So I gird my loins (no easy task, mind you), write a couple of posts in my head, half-ass type a half a post out, save it as a draft, and promptly forget about it and the award. Like this one. It's been almost 10 days since Gretchen gave this to me. Wait, 10 days? Is that all? I must not be as lazy as I thought. 

Anyone who's given me one that I have forgotten to put up in a post PLEASE accept my apology, it's not you, it's me. I'm lame. 

Now to the rules and regs of this one. I need to name 5 things I love about myself. Yikes! It would be a whole lot easier if I could tell you 5 things I hate about myself. Like that whole laziness thing.

Can I substitute like? 

1. I play well with others.
2. I'm loyal
3. I'm happy to meet and see most everyone   
4. I'm fairly creative
5. I don't lick faces, drink out of the toilet or wag my tail for just anyone. Oh wait, that would be what I like about Tripper.  hummm..I think it works for me too. 

Now, I'm not going to name 5 bloggers to hand this out to. I'd rather toss it into the interwebs for anyone who wants it. That way more people get a chance to play. So help yourself to this lovely award. Mi award es su award.

Thank you again, Gretchen. And, I thought of you as I was driving around Austin!



  1. Congrats! I like getting awards but always agonize over who to give them too. And they always seem to come in bunches. And then my insecure 13 year old comes out and I don't want o seem dorky by giving it to someone who"doesn't do those things". Yeah that 13 year old takes over way too often.

  2. i gave you this one, feel free to throw it out into the interwebs as well.

  3. I like the way you've done this. I really dislike the chain-letter aspect of some of them and never send them on. This even though I like you take some real delight on receiving them.

  4. PS, if you dont put a title we cannot open the comments on one page.

  5. I'd say you're more than a little creative. And it's nice you don't drink out of the toilet or lick faces - I'm sure that does wonders for your social life. :D

  6. Vince: See how I am? Obviously, I'm too lazy to even title my posts. :-)

  7. Of course you deserve it! You're lovely.

  8. You totally deserve it! I forgot to acknowledge them too, so people stopped giving them to me.

    Or perhaps I started being less award-worthy. That one's probably more likely.

  9. How fun! Congrats.
    I remember a day when I blogged on a regular basis and people gave me awards to forget about and break the rules. *sigh*


  10. Thanks for playing along. I'm really impressed it only took you 10 days! That seems pretty prompt to me. And I know just how you feel. And I wouldn't have been offended if you'd considered it a chain letter and just tossed it. And I'm thrilled that you thought of me in Austin! Where'd you go? Did you eat any good
    Mexican food? Barbecue? Dang, now I'm hungry.

  11. Congrats on the award! I'm the exact same way with them that you are - I love them, I appreciate them, and I forget to pay them forward. Or if I do, I always break the rules. ;)

  12. i saw your picture over on the Un Mom's blog and thought I'd check out your site. Loved the picture and just thought I;d let you know not to feel so bad about the award thing. I received one and it took me three weeks to do the post.

    Working a full-time job and trying to blog.. we;; it's hard. Anyway thought your painting was great!