Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Houston, We have a problem. Well, not really a problem so much as an observation

You knew I had to say that, right? It's because I'm corny. I blame JR. He's corny. After 28 years I just picked it up. Corny that is. They say that after being married for as long as we have you start to look a bit like each other.

I just don't see it. I'd have to grow 12 inches, lose a little hair (he'll want me to say that he hasn't lost near as much as his middle brother Paul. He has some issues about that. It's okay, we all have issues of some sort. We won't go into mine. It would just take way too long to list them), what hair I had left would need to go gray, and grow a beard (yeah, ahem, let's not go there. Have I mentioned that menopause sucks? Well, it does. FYI)

And, while we don't look like each other we sometimes sound like each other. I'll say something that sounds like something he'd say (with a lot less swearing). It's that kind of thing. I don't mind that so much because JR is really clever. Me? Not so much. He is very good at puns, wordplay and wordsmithing (screw you Blogger that is a word). I'm lucky if I can string 4 words together into a meaningful sentence.

Now, if I can get him to stop interrupting me we'll be fine. In the last few years this has become a problem for me. He doesn't see it that way. MAYBE, because he's interrupting me, not the other way around. I'm sure there is some sort of psycho-babble about this syndrome but I'm not buying it. It's rude. I'll break him of it real soon. I've broken him of several annoying habits in the past, this one shouldn't be too hard. :-)

You know that thing that old married couples do? Where they sort of look at each other and know what the other one is thinking? Or someone says something and one spouse looks at the other with a little half smile because whatever it was that the person said reminded them of something in the past? That weird sort of knowing that you only get by creating a history with each other?

We do that! And, it's annoying as hell.

Not really. Okay, maybe a little.

It must be annoying for others though. Maybe, not for our friends who have been married as long or longer than we have because they do it too. In fact, we have been very close friends with this other couple so long that we do this as a group. Talk about annoying for others.

Did ya'll notice that I didn't talk about any of these photos? That is because I have no clue what they all are. When asked I said some sort of plane thingy (just like I said to the astronaut a couple of months ago. Because, I'm awesome like that)  We went to NASA awhile back with some friends and while they were oohing and awing over all the plane-like thingamajiggs I was checking out the wildflowers that were in bloom.

I'm claiming to be the smartest one in the bunch. JR would problem disagree with that statement but I'm sticking to it. The wildflowers in Texas are not to be missed and they only last a few weeks. I can go to NASA any old time.


PS: I'm heading to Austin today to visit the Blissfully Caffeinated bunch, oh and to work but that is totally secondary. I'll be sure to say hi to them for you.  


  1. "Now, if I can get him to stop interrupting me we'll be fine."

    You're not alone, m'dear - I don't think I've finished a complete sentence in 13 years.

    I love him anyway. ;)

  2. Well when you 'break' each other of the habits that you dislike it's hardly a shock that you sort of replicate each other after a time.

    As to blogger, realise is wrong while realize is correct. NOPE. And I'm afraid I tend to use a formula of words intended to lament the standards at Berkeley while questioning the parental morals.

  3. Nick and I are constantly saying the same thing at the same time. It's gotten so bad that Turbo will say jinks for us when we do. I don't call it weird, I just claim that we are so in tune that we think like. Other people would just call it weird.

  4. Ha. What a clever and lovely post Michele. Have fun in Austin. Cheers!!

  5. I would be like you and look for flowers also.


  6. I was cracking up when I kept waiting for you to address the photos (though your story was way more entertaining than photo descriptions).

    I'm with Jan - no complete sentences here, either. ;)

  7. Now you know why I like to write. My thoughts get to complete themselves!
    You get to see Bliss Caff today and I get to see you in October. I'll take that degree of separation as a win!

  8. I was so busy agreeing with all your comments about long-married, menopause, etc., that I missed that you weren't commenting on the photos. There were photos?

  9. Umm, that big cylindrical metal thing with the pointy end is a Saturn V rocket. Sez so right on the building. Biggest, baddest damn piece of hardware ever launched from Planet Earth HooRaaaHH!!! And those fuzzy things with horns lounging around in the Saturn V front yard are Texas longhorns. You're welcome :-)))

  10. I loved the NASA photos and the flowers.

    But I'm both a chick and an engineer. Thanks for sharing.

    (I'm sure you were the smart one i the bunch.)

  11. I would be snapping away at the flowers too!! Wildflowers are the prettiest!
    Keep on finishing each other sentences....its cute!