Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RTT - and they thought these were funny how?

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Can you tell I'm in academic gray literature paper writing mode?
You may want to drink a couple of cups of coffee first.

1912 humor
"Writing your husband again? But you wrote him yesterday for money."
"I find it advisable to use a thorough follow-up system."

If you are ever in the Washington DC area and that includes Baltimore, here is a tip; 
stand on the right
walk on the left
this is the unwritten law of escalators and those moving pathways. If you don't follow this tip you may find yourself mowed down by a man in an expensive suit as the poor lady that I helped by grabbing the sleeve of her jacket to pull her to safety did. After she got over her total bewilderment of why this crazy lady was grabbing her and pulling her to the right and why Mr. Powersuit was racing past her on the left fast enough to spin her in a circle I explained the rule. I doubt she'll forget it anytime soon. Poor thing.

More 1912 humor
He - Be this the woman's exchange?
She - Yes
He - Be you the women?
She - Yes
He - H'm! Then I guess I'll keep my Sal.
Edwardian humor. Not all that funny.

While in Baltimore I picked up a birthday gift for my friend Julie. 
She'll love these:

Prosperity Hens and an evil eye.
She'll be safe from evil and hopefully she'll be prosperous.
The perfect gift.
I'm just looking out for her.

I, of course, picked myself up a set also. My department is getting new offices in a month so I'll need to guard it against evil spirits. With that thought in mind I also picked up another set of these.

Tibetan prayer flags. 
I'll be in New Orleans in June maybe I should check out the local voodoo shops?
Better safe than sorry.

1912 advertising
When you visit Galveston
The Beer That's Liquid Food
Galveston Brewing Co.
JR considers most all the beers that he drinks liquid food. 
It's not just for breakfast anymore!

That's enough out of me. I've got a ton of stuff to do today that should have been done yesterday but instead I came home from work yesterday, made dinner (and not a very good one I might add), then promptly fell asleep. That traveling stuff takes it right out of a girl.



  1. I am following you from the blog hop! I would love for you to stop by my "house" and follow me too! While you are there, please link up at my blog hop, "The Middle Matters" at
    Thanks! Have a Great Tuesday! That is seriously funny that your blog's name is Its a dogs life when all my random thought today are about fleas and me wanting to strangle the ones on my dog!! My kids yell bugs! I have tile floors. I am tired of vacuuming a spraying and Advantage and Frontline and baths, I fell like I have fleas! Yet, my dog is happy flea-free laying on my flea free favorite chair wondering what my problem is...he doesn't have fleas...the house does!
    Jennifer ~ Makobi Scribe

  2. Glad you're home safely and that you're protected with an evil eye.

    It doesn't surprise me that you were kind enough to help that lady on the walkway. You are a sweetheart!

  3. Love the evil eye!!!! Can't go wrong with voodoo either.

    Happy RTT!

  4. You are a good friend getting the evil eye and hens of prosperity for your friend. And smart to get yourself a set, too. ;)

    You should definitely check out the voodoo shops in Louisiana while you're there - there might be something you need. ;)

    Glad you're home safe and sound! And I would have grabbed that lady's sleeve (and explained the 'rule' too.) ;)

    Spring Ahead, (Cat)fish, Journal Critique - RTT

  5. "Liquid food"? Yum! happy Tuesday!

  6. I dig the prayer flags, and beer? JR is right. It's bread in a can. Cheers Michele!!

  7. The saying around here as that beer is a pork chop in a can. I'm not so sure but I go with it.

  8. We just did our taxes - I'll take a couple dozen of those "prosperity hens" please.


  9. WOW! New Orleans! I love New Orleans. Eat food, listen to good tunes, visit the French Quarter...


  10. Awwwhh, (looks down, shuffles feet, mumbles thx).


  11. No wonder 1912 humor was so bland, they had no sitcom writers or canned laughter!

  12. Those prayer flags are very cool.

  13. Oh yes - if you're going to stand do it on the right. Otherwise you'll get ran over.

  14. Bring a bit of Ivy or Yew into the house for the anti-evil version for Irish or European generally. Of course there is always the smoldering Sage branch brought to the corners of each room to prevent evil spirits loitering in the angle. Of course there is a valid reason for this one as the sage smoke is hugely anti-fungal.

  15. Makes sense that walking traffic mimics highway traffic. Pass on the left, disabled vehicles on the right.

    I'm all for liquid meals in milkshake form.

  16. You definitely need a voodoo doll. I wonder if they have a fill in the blank version. Kinda like Mr. Potato Head. Dress it to match whoever needs an attitude adjustment.

  17. So what do you do with the evil eye? (I usually look at my kids.)