Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who knew...

I spend a lot of time on my computer, whether at work or at home, and a good portion of that time is spent on the internet. And while, I am definitely not a very good programmer (I tend to get crabby if my code doesn't work the first time, then I start to drink which ensures that my code won't work any other time.) but I am a pretty savvy computer software user. Usually it only takes me a couple of times using a particular piece to figure out most, if not all, of it's secrets. With the exception of Blogger.

Maybe it is because I started this blog with the thought of becoming one of the thousands, dare I say millions, of blogs that start and stop within a 6 month period. (did you know that someone did a study that found that most blogs are started, then the blogger gets tired of thinking crap up all the time and stops, usually within about 6 months? Also, that there are like a bazillion blogs. No one actually knows how many.)

Maybe it is because this is not something I do for work. I don't have to know anything about the whys and wherefores of my blog platform.

Maybe, it is because Blogger is a pain in the butt. Totally not out of the realm of possibility.
Whatever the reason, I figured out something new, exciting and potentially scary (for you). Did you know that you can sort your posts? Of course, you did but I didn't. I just scrolled and scrolled, and hit next page until I found that one draft post that I had started but didn't finish but now I wanted to. (I spent some quality time in the Midwest so it's okay if I end a sentence in a preposition.)

This is what my edit page looks like:

See the posts all default by date. Cool but it's not really going to help me. I was looking for a post that I had started quite awhile ago. One that I could finish up really quickly because, uh well, I'm lazy and I post at 5:30 in the morning? Whatever the reason, I needed a particular post.

WTH Blogger? I had a screenshot here with a circle around the word 'draft' but Blogger ate it.

I know it is really small but what it says is Your posts: All, Drafts, Scheduled, Imported, Published. To tell you the truth I never ever looked at this line. I had figured out a system for myself over the last 3 years of posting and never felt the need to investigate the software further. I took a chance and clicked on the Drafts.

Look what popped up?

It's like magic (as my mother calls anything that I help her with on her computer). All my draft posts on one page. Now, I'll get to finish all those half started posts that probably were going to be as mundane as this post. How awesome for all of us. :)

So that's it. My new discovery. It doesn't mean that I hate Blogger any less. It just means, well, nothing actually. I just wanted to share.

See ya!


  1. Since I do all my posts in either Word or Open Office and then simply copy/paste them into blogger I don't have any drafts. Which is good because I would never have thought to try to sort my posts by drafts like that.

    Just last week I figured out how to do an encapsulated link that creates an audio player for the radio show. Of course, I didn't think it worked because when I hit preview nothing showed up. Turns out it only works in Reader and doesn't show up on the actual blog. Weird huh?

  2. When I first started reading blogs, Jennsylvania was my first, which I discovered because I read and loved her first book. She uses Typepad. I followed a couple of other ones that she followed, and one of them used Typepad. When I decided that I wanted to blog, I went to Typepad, too. I didn't even know Blogger existed. Now I use it for the ZNN, and NOT so fond of it.

  3. What I want to know is how the hell you get those snapshots.

  4. Vince: These are screenshots. There are various ways to get these. If you are using a desktop computer you hit the Print Screen key. That copies the screen into your computers clipboard. Open up some photo editing software (I use photoshop but there are free ones out there) Make a new image, paste the screen shot from your clipboard into the new image. Edit to your heart content. Save the file. Upload into Blogger.

    There are probably easier ways to do this but I like to play with my photos first.

  5. I'm a Wordpress girl but haven't messed with anything code wise in ages. I'm out of the loop.

  6. Ha...You learn something new everyday. Cheers Michele!!

  7. Isn't it great when you have those 'Ah-HA!' moments? That being said, I kept getting frustrated at the limitations of Blogger, which is why I decided to move over to Wordpress. While the whole move was a headache-and-a-half, I no longer had to go 'round my elbow to get to my thumb. ;)

  8. Usually when I find something like that accidentally I don't know how I got there and have to start all over again.

  9. I would have to say Yes to Casey's comments. I do like Wordpress but I have blogger accounts as well.

    Codes and codes if you want to mess up with yoru templates and other stuffs.

  10. Like finding $5 in a jacket pocket.

  11. I'm just jealous that you have all those drafts. Every piece of crap I write, I publish!

  12. I can't believe you have that many posts in draft! You've got work to do!

  13. I wish I could find some "magic" that makes me understand Typepad. I find it incredibly user-unfriendly.