Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Giveaway! Just because.

Because I'm going out to town on Monday. 
Technically, I'm going out of town today but that is just to Galveston, so it really doesn't count.

Because I'll get to visit with this wonderful woman on Monday
We're going to the art museum.
I don't think we'll see any horse's playing guitars.
I could be wrong.
If there are, I will surely take some photos.
Becky loves her some dressed up bigger than life characters.

Because I meet that wonderful woman at Blissdom
And, I received this adorable book in my Blissdom Prep kit.
Some kit.
So totally like "some pig"
Guess what book that is from?

Because I'm a librariana 
(Spell check that is a word. Because I said so.)
 And, I must pedal my wares everywhere.

And, last but not least
Because "All the Ways I Love You"
I'm giving away my copy of this recordable storybook.

When this book showed up the first thing I thought was...GIVEAWAY! So I'm offering this book to whoever leaves a comment answering this question. What was your favorite childhood book?

According to my mother my favorite book was Humpty Dumpty. There seems there was some kind of unfortunate incident involving this book and my uncle. My mother maintains, I likened my uncle to Humpty Dumpty. Ah, the truth of children.

So here are the deets: U.S. and Canadians only. The shipping is a killer. 
One comment = one chance. 
Tweet it = one chance. 
Put it on Facebook = one chance.
All that equals 3 chances to win. You've got to let me know about the Twitter and Facebook thing though because I'm not clever enough to figure out how to find out this info. Oh, who am I kidding...I'm too lazy.

Neither Hallmark, Blissdom, or any of the Gods of Giveaways put me up to this. 

Drawing will commence Saturday the 19th. It will be a random drawing of names from a hat. There may be a dog and peanut butter involved. Just trying to let you know how things roll around here.



  1. Digital librarian...better than a virtual librarian - you are real.
    What a sweet looking book.

  2. I always loved The Monster at the End of this Book when I was little. I searched and searched for it when I found out I was pregnant. I finally found it at the used book store. I bought and my boys think it's corny! But I still love it.

  3. I can't remember a children's book that I loved but I remember growing up on the Babysitter Club books. I loved them and still own them!

  4. Charlotte's Web Charlotte had a pet pig and this girl raised on a dairy wanted one too!
    I've read it to my younger sibs and to my children.
    Maria has the book already waiting for Ian to be old enough to sit thru it!! Guess my love for the story carried thru!!

  5. Wow, a giveaway! There was one Golden Book that I LOVED for some strange reason, I have to look it up. Be right back.

    Damn it, can't find it. It had a little girl dressed up in her mother's big floppy hat. Oh well.

  6. My mom says I loved a little book called Baby Goes for a Walk. I think she said she wore out two copies of that book reading it to me over and over.
    A childhood book I remember having her read to me was the Mary Poppins books. I loved those stories.

  7. Is that the book that Joey read on Friends*. If it is what good is that. That one was so mawkish the sweetness was dripping from it.
    What kids need is the Billy Goats Gruff at the very least. Heck do you remember that toe squirming enjoyment when the hip uncle or aunt told you the true story about Mary Mary Quite Contrary. How the devil kids two clicks and a whizz-bang out of the womb can nod sagely about a woman being tied to a stake, faggots piled at her feet and set alight. But they can. And Humpty Dumpty, an adventurous fellow that a very nasty home accident where the first responders were flummoxed.

    Haaa, the spell check accepted flummoxed. But had it's usual hissyfit at faggots.

  8. YOU HAVE FUN!!! Post about when you get back!!!!


  9. The first favorite book that came to mind was "Charlotte's Web", but then I realized that it might have come to mind because of the "some pig" reference. My other favorite book was "Little Bear". It still is. luckily, Jude loves it too!

  10. Favourite? I'll have to call my mom.

  11. Curious George...but don't put me in the contest because I've already got one of those books because I went to Blissdom too and I gave mine to a coworker at the library where i work whose granddaughter was having a baby which made her a great grandmother and I thought it would be a very special gift...thank you. :)

  12. Favorite children's book: There's a Monster At The End of This Book. I think it's hilarious. As a parent - I like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

  13. Favorite book? As a child and continuing into today I don't truely have favorites, I read almost anything and everything -- including cereal boxes if I can't find anything else, I would have to say anything Dr. Suess were my most read books as a child -- between the 6 of us we wore out 2 sets. I never win anything so I would like to know where I could buy this book -- my youngest daughter is going to the hospital for skin grafts this spring and although I will be there with her -- it would be lovely if her daddy could send his voice with us.

  14. Dude! I don't want to enter 'cuz I have my own book, but I just wanted to say, if there's a costumed animal you know I'm going to be on that! See you soon!!!

  15. All the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books!

  16. OH! Where the Wild Things Are and Runaway Bunny. NOT Good Night Moon--the grandmother in the rocking chair creeped me out.