Friday, January 14, 2011

Wine tasting descriptors per Wikipedia

This morning I decided to do a little Stumbling or as I like to say; looking for blog inspiration, and what is the first thing that pops up in my browser? No, not that, sheesh. Wine descriptors.  

Wine tasting descriptors  are used to describe the aromas and tastes of wine and accessing the quality according to Wikipedia. There is this huge A to Z (or as my Canadian friends would say; A to Zed. A bunch of us librarians were giving one of our Canadian librarians a hard time because when she says A to Zed is sounds like a name. A name of a rock band. Sorry, tangent over) list of descriptors.

Isn't it interesting how each industry has it's own terms? As librarians we have our own vernacular also but mostly we like acronyms. When I started reading the wine industry descriptors I thought; I wouldn't use that word for that I'd use it for this. Then as with most everything I thought; Wow! That would be a fun game.

Let's play a little. 
Wiki: Accessible A wine that is easy to drink without an overwhelming sense of tannin, acidityextract. or
Me: Accessible A wine bottle that is already opened so that I don't have to get off my lazy a$$ and open it, then have to wait to let it breathe.

Wiki: Baked A wine with a high alcohol content that gives the perception of stewed or baked fruit flavors. May indicate a wine from grapes that were exposed to the heat of the sun after harvesting.
Me: Baked: what I am 3 glasses in after a hard day at work.

Wiki: Charming A subjective term used to describe a wine with a range of pleasing properties but nothing that stands out in an obvious fashion.
Me: Charming what I am after 2 glasses. Not so much after 4. (I meant to type 3 but my finger went to 4 automatically. Freudian slip? I didn't think so either.

Wiki: Dirty A wine with off flavors and aromas that most likely resulted from poor hygiene during the fermentation or bottling process.
Me: Dirty Usually where my mind goes after I hit that point between tipsy and numb tongue. JR doesn't mind it so much but in public situations it's a little off-putting.

Wiki: Easy A term that can be synonymous with "approachable" but more commonly refers to a wine that is simple and straightforward without much complexity but still enjoyable to drink.
Me: Easy What most of the girls in my high school were. Me? Let's not go there okay?

Wiki: Fallen over A wine that, at a relatively young age, has already gone past its peak (or optimal) drinking period and is rapidly declining in quality is said to have "fallen over".
Me: Fallen over Help me! I'm drunk and I can't get up.

Let's not go over Fat and Fleshy,

Wiki: Feminine Describes a wine that emphasizes delicate flavors, silky textures and subtle aromas rather than strength, weight and intensity of fruit.
Me: Feminine Pretty much what they said except applied to women or how I, as a woman, want people to think I am, the delicate, silky and subtle part.

Wiki: Hot Overly alcoholic wine.
Me: Hot How I think of myself after a few glasses of Hot wine.

There are plenty more. Go check out the link then let me know what comes to mind when you look at the list of descriptors. 



  1. Hahaha!! I love this, and I resemble some of those definitions!

  2. Hmmm, looking at the list, I'm not sure my first thought is of wine when using some of those words. But then My mind tends toward dirty after a couple of glasses and adult ears for company.

  3. Fantastic idea for a post. I wonder how many other things you could do this with?

  4. I LOVE this post! I think I will need to make wine available to you when you come to Florida...

  5. Wine Descriptor: "Bouquet: The layers of smells and aromas perceived in a wine"

    Me: Bouquet: Due to my ever-present I reply when Devoted Spouse asks after my health... "Ibouquet, tanks"...

  6. I have something for you on my blog!

  7. Oh my gosh, I stopped over to see one of Joanie's nominees for the blog award and it was ME that got an award for stopping!!!! This is a fantastic post, I love wine and I have a lot of friends that do as well, this decription is fantastic. I am going to share it on my face book page because all the ladies I know could use a good laugh. I am, of course, now following as well. :) Have a great Sunday.

  8. Funny! Funny! After hitting a wine tasting on my recent cruise (and realizing that I cannot smell nor taste significant differences within a varietal), I started hitting the local wine store's Free Friday Wine Tasting as a sort of "tutorial."

    You know what I get out of it each week? Either tipsy or drunk. Yep. That's it.

  9. I'm thinking Wild Irish Rose falls into the "Hot" category. Cheers Michele!!

  10. AHAHAHAHA! Love it! I'm going to have to start using some of your definitions when I do the labels for Princess Nagger wines. ;)