Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RTT - New Years Resolutions

I was never really big on New Years resolutions and as I get older I'm even less so. Evidenced by the lack of post from last year one comes to that conclusion very quickly. With all that said (and not very well I might add. Hey, it's 5:34 am. The old synapses just aren't firing yet) I'll give you a random few that even I think I can keep. So while, this post is not completely random, so shouldn't really qualify as a Random Tuesday Thoughts post, I'm going to call it one because that in and of itself is random. (There! justification for the day is done. I'm feeling so much better)


1. Random Tuesday Thoughts. Keely hosts this weekly gather all your thoughts up, toss them into the internet, mix well and voila you are done fun fest. This I can do or at least attempt to do. I think my success rate is about 90%. That is almost as good as my shower rate. TMI, sorry.

2. Eat fruit. Yeah, I know.....this one is going to be a hard one. I like to challenge myself every once in awhile. I'm nothing if not challenging. Oh wait, that didn't come out right.

These luscious raspberries were sitting out in the cold at the Seattle Pike Place market. Somehow, I doubt that they were locally grown. Maybe it was the 30 degree temperatures, or the snow on the ground, or the years of experience picking berries as a child laborer in the summer (money for those cool I've-got-to-have-them-or-I'm-going-to-die bell-bottoms when I was 13 didn't just grow on trees. At least according to my mother) but even I know that raspberries don't grow locally in the dead of winter. I'm thinking someone cheated.

3. Speak to my mom about decorating principles. While I'm rather an eclectic decorator (which just means I see something I like then stick it on a wall someplace in my house where it sort of matches) I'm not even sure I could pull off this stunning display. My mother's guest bath is decked out in Southwestern/Native American/Mexican folkart meets English rose garden. It is truly amazing.

I have a couple of choices here:
a. buy her a new shower curtain, rug and some towels that match the Southwest theme she's got going then shame her into switching them out by telling her that she is offending my delicate aesthetic sensibilities. Or....
b. or telling her that her theme is a little on the whacking side. Then letting her pick something that goes better.
I'd better stick with plan a. Look what she came up with on her own.

4. Never let JR do this again. enough said.

5. Enjoy more sunsets. I feel that I need to take the time to enjoy more sunsets. Though preferable not at 35,000 feet. Sunsets are nice. They are soothing slow down, have a drink on the patio kind of nice. They are toss the toy for the dog while chatting about your day kind of nice. They just are never going to happen in that lovely bucolic way at my house kind of nice but I like to think that if I just strive a little harder I'd get to have a few of those kind of nice sunsets.

I think I'll try to stay clear of sunrises. While they are undeniably lovely they do come, well, at sunrise. Which seems like an excessively early hour in the morning. So says the woman that gets up to fix JR breakfast at 5am. Just because I do it doesn't mean I like it. Not the fixing breakfast part, I like that. It's the 5am part that kind of sucks.  

So there is my random new years resolutions that I probably will fail at achieving no matter how generic they are. Now, please leave a comment so I know you've visited (and if you've left an email address I'll probably even respond. Should that be another resolution? Nah, too much pressure) then go visit all the other randomers. (Shut up, Blogger! It is too a word.)



  1. There are days when my diet consists almost solely of fruit. If I ever inherit my mother's diverticulitis I'm gonna open a vein.

  2. I agree with 3/4 of your items! Happy Tuesday.

  3. I could go for the nice sunsets. I see far to many sunrises--those are not so nice. Only because, like you said, they happen in the morning. I should eat more fruit too, only it's spendy and no one else eats it at home fast enough, so about half of it goes to waste. Gotta work on that one.

  4. Oh, I don't know - you have to admire a woman who decorates her bathroom with knick knacks and has a rose-covered shower curtain.

  5. I'm totally showing that pic of your mom's bathroom to my gay friends. They will LOVE IT!

  6. Ooh! That's beautiful! My step-father is great with building, if I showed this to my mother I guarantee he'd build it!

  7. I do the sunrise thingy daily! The silly sun isn't even awake when I go to work..ugh! Now when I retire.............Oh, I'll probably get up for the sunrise, farming is an on going thing.

    Happy New Year, Michele!


  8. Your mom, my mom and my older sister would totally get along great - they have the same decorating style. ;)

    And my brother-in-law (who graduated from WSU) would be totally jealous of JR. :)

    I think your resolutions are totally reasonable - and do-able. :)

    RTT: Late Christmas, New Year Murphy's Law

  9. I dig the sunset shot. Very cool. Cheers Michele!!

  10. We go to this frozen yogurt place that has fruit, I think that would count. Of course I usually add chunks of cheesecake, brownie, cookies, and whip cream too.

  11. Love number dad and his lovely wife have a safari bathroom with pink and black tile and a floral shower curtain. Your mom's guest bath made me feel right at home.

    And, p.s. I'm weird because I don't like fruit AT all...will you eat enough so it'll count for me? Thanks!