Monday, January 3, 2011

An apology and a recipe

I need to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth last week. Believe it or not but the Seattle area does have internet access it is only that my mother and step dad don't really know how or why it works or how easy it is to swap out computers or how it doesn't really break it if you plug in another computer or that if you plug in another computer your internet service provider doesn't charge you extra. Knowing that it might be a painful exercise in futility to explain all this to them it seemed like dropping off the face of the earth was a better option. My mother doesn't have wireless internet access. She's only got the cable type which isn't to say that wouldn't have worked great but my step dad gets a little cranky about anything to do with computers. Bless his little heart.

I had three options
1. Using my step dad's computer. He volunteers it all the time only to get all upset if the screen doesn't look exactly like when he left it. I hate to upset him so that option was out.
2. I had thought to unplug his computer then plug mine in but I didn't want to crawl aroung under his desk.
3. I could have bought a wireless router but figured that if I had any problems the man would have freaked the hell out. 

So I just decided to opt out of anything except Twitter and Facebook. Those I could keep up a bit with my phone.

I'm back now. JR and I got back to Houston on Saturday evening. We were totally spent from flying most of the day. For some crazy reason the flight to Seattle seemed to take about half the time of the flight home. Maybe it was a time warp or something. I don't know but we were exhausted by the time we got home.

While we were in the Seattle area we ate out; A LOT! One of the places that we went for lunch is a favorite of our oldest son and his wife. I can't remember the name but it is this little cafe in a strip mall. One of the sides that looked really good was a sweet potato hash. I didn't have any because it had bacon in it but everyone else thought it was good. That got me hankering for sweet potato hash. Sunday morning I tried my hand at it.

Sweet Potato Hash

3 medium sized sweet potatoes or yams, diced into 1/2 inch cubes
1 cup onion, chopped
1 teaspoon minced garlic
2 teaspoons cumin
1 cup meatless chorizo
2 tablespoons olive oil or butter

Dice sweet potatoes. Place in a pot or large fry pan with enough water to just about cover over medium heat. Cover and cook until the potatoes are almost cooked through. You don't want them to be too soft. Sort of al dente. Drain.

Put back into the fry pan or transfer into a large fry pan if you cooked them originally in a pot. Drizzle with the olive oil. Fry over medium to medium high heat. Add onions, garlic, chorizo and cumin to the potatoes. Mix gently.

Fry until the onions are cooked through. The sugar in the potatoes will caramelize and get all yummy.
Serves 6ish. I couldn't tell you all the fat, calories or nutritional value but I can tell you that everyone liked it and it can't be all that bad.

I served it with scrambled eggs. Then I stuffed mushrooms with some of the leftovers. Yum! I'll be making it again. Soon.

See you all around.


  1. Oh yeah, I'm diggin that. I love regular style hash but I am a sweet potato freak. Happy New Year Michele and Cheers!!

  2. Hmmm...there's chorizo-y karma in the blogosphere today. :)

  3. Oh wow, that looks fantastic!!!!

    I had the same situation at my mom's house with the computer. I did bring my router though because my kids would have gone completely mad without internet. I just hoped and prayed nothing affected my mom's own connection or I'd never hear the end of it.

    Happy new year!

  4. Sweet potato hash. Never considered it. Now can't get it off my mind. Must make!

  5. I'm not a big sweet potato fan, but my sister is. I will send this to her cause she'll probably like it.

  6. So to add to all of this....fried sweet potatoes with onions....yum!


  7. Glad you didnt fall off the edge of bloggy world!!!

  8. Caramelized onions and sweet potato. How can that go wrong? I've been out of bloggy touch myself, but not due to technical difficulties, mine were all in the brain.

    Happy New Year.

  9. That hash looks interesting! I just might have to give it a try!

  10. Oooooh! That sweet potato hash looks YUMMY! Wish I'd eaten dinner tonight so I wouldn't be licking my computer screen....

    It does seem that the flight Eastbound takes forever and is more exhausting, doesn't it? Glad you had a great time, and made it home safe, albeit tired! ;) And I know what you mean about parents and internet connection - my parents still have dial-up, so there's no way I can be online when I visit them. ;)