Monday, October 25, 2010

Just about everything about this scares me.

This week's Spin Cycle is Halloween and believe it or not I think I'm on time.
What are the odds?
Not very good I can tell you.
Since, SK gives us a fair bit of latitude on this sort of thing I think I'll use all of it. Yeah, sort of like the bag full of candy I'd collect then promptly chow down on Halloweens in the past.

On Friday I posted this photograph:

It scares the crap out of me.

There is a ton of stuff on this page that scares me but lets start with it's reason for being. This photograph came from a 1910s booklet promoting the great city of Houston, Texas. Yes, folks the reason you should come to Houston is because we let toddlers smoke pipes

and promote ethnic stereotypes by showing Mexican women carrying flowers on their heads. 

I'm a little concerned that the baby on the top left with the flower in her hand was stoned. Look at those eyes and tell me I'm wrong. I've seen eyes like that (true, in the mirror but it was the mid-70s; we all had eyes like that) and they were stoned. This was the early 1900s. I think they were still putting cocaine in Coca Cola.

And, the baby on the top right. Is she supposed to be posing as a bathing beauty? Because she does seem to have the moves down. This was the Victorian era. Didn't they reserve those poses for "fast" women?

She is adorable though.

Last but not least, let's address the elephant in this room. The scariest part of this photograph....the nun! 
(please say this in that dramatic way made famous by Monty Python in "the Bishop" sketch)

 Am I wrong or does she not look like a man dressed up like a nun? I had heard that nuns were scary but holy cow! She/he'd make me pee my pants if she/he came at me with a ruler. And, is she/he casting her/his eyes up to God or something else? Was this a social/religious statement by the photographers? It boggles the mind that they thought this was a good image for Houston.

Truly, I'm scared. Somebody hold me!


PS: It's Monday. Let's all try to make it meatless. It's good for you and it's good for the planet. And we all like you and the planet. Really? What's not to like?


  1. Get that nun away from those children! NOW!!!


  2. That nun looks rather benign next to Sister Humiliana and Sister Assumpta and Sister Coralita. Now, Sister Ambrosine? Was the sweetest human on the planet, and there was very funny nun in 4th grade that taught social studies, but I can't remember her name. She used to ask us if we wanted a bathroom break by asking the whole class, "Is there a leak in the dike?"

  3. That nun totally does look like a man dressed as a nun! Creeeeepy! :)

  4. Hi-larious!

    Bean and cheese quesadillas for dinner over here!

  5. That nun could scare the pants off anyone--wait, that didn't come out right. She is scary though.

  6. So was the nun in charge of the children?!?!? Does that explain the pipe? the stoned look....


  7. My Adam's Apple comment still stands! You're linked!
    (Sorry, not meatless today. We're having leftovers from Jan's bacon wrapped meatloaf. YUM!)

  8. Photos of kids smoking always crack me up.

    The nun is a little disturbing though.

  9. That nun is very creepily scary!!

  10. I think this is just an early example of Photoshop

  11. Praise Jeebus!! That nun is HAWT!! Cheers Michele!!

  12. I'm a little frightened by the nun. And when you say 'meatless' do mean like red meat? I just ate a turkey sandwich so is that like, half meatless?

    I'm sure it was a bad turkey and the world is better off without him.

  13. That is totally a man. He probably whacked those poor stoned children with a cane.