Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everything can be qualified or the word of the day

Every morning JR and I sit down at the breakfast table to review our upcoming day, talk about the past evening, discuss our children's future or sometimes even our own. We talk about our upcoming car purchase like it is happening tomorrow instead of next summer. We talk about our finances like they are actually improving. We talk about our possibly Disney trip like we will really go and not decide that it is way too much money when we are already flying to Seattle over the Christmas holiday. We talk about our, our children's, my mother's health issues. It's all very meaningful and high-level stuff and this morning was no different.

JR: Nessa, you are so ladylike.

Me: She's a burper alright.

JR: She's more of a belcher.

Me: That's what I said, a burper.

JR: No, she's a belcher.

Me: What? You are now quantifying burps? Wait, that should be qualifying because you didn't put an actual number to burping synonyms. 

JR: Yeah, I am. It goes burp then belch than eruption?

Me: Hahaha. You know that I'll have to look this up, right?

JR: Oh course you will dear.

Me: The synonyms for burp are: burp, bubble, belch, eruct. I, personally, think that is out of order. If we are really qualifying burps it should be bubble, burp, belch, then eruct. The online synonym thesaurus doesn't qualify words.That is not in it's pay grade.

JR: Hahaha, eruct! That's a funny word. I'll have to use it in a sentence today

Me: Like; "What Tripper is licking right now makes me eruct in my mouth".

JR: *snort*... I've got to go to work now.

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Today's word of the day is eruct. 


[ih-ruhkt] Show IPA
–verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
to belch forth, as gas from the stomach.
to emit or issue violently, as matter from a volcano.

1660–70;  < L ērūctāre  to vomit, discharge violently, freq. of ērūgere
Can you use it in a sentence today?


  1. Ha. I thought the same thing as JR did when I saw the word "eruct". That is a funny word and I shall use it often. Cheers Michele!!

  2. Oh, wait. You mean it's not erect? Oh..
    What about an urp?

  3. I'll never remember it for eruPT works just as well. Even though it's not a well matched in the Root of the word.

  4. Just like JR, I've been thinking how I can incorporate that into my day's vocab as well!

  5. Bahahaha!


  6. Yep, now I have to use that. Although hopefully for a theoretical situation and not an actual one. I don't need my toddler to eruct all over me.