Monday, September 6, 2010

RTT - Sushi and Sangria and cupcakes.

Lookee! Keely's been dicking (her word, not mine) around with the button and her computer all weekend. Grab the new button. Join the fun.

We had a small thing at our house this weekend. Nothing big just a few friends over for sushi rolling, sangria and cupcakes. It was a roll your own kind of thing. Lots of fun was had. Lessons were learned. Like:
  • How to actually roll sushi. None of us had ever done it before.
  • If you have a choice between making your own sticky rice, buying it already made at the grocery store or buying it in the microwave package by Annie's. Go for the Annie's stuff. It is easier to work with.
  • Sangria is the perfect compliment.
  • And cupcakes are never wrong.

Remember last week when I posted that very nice press release that Marisa wrote. Even if she got the spelling of my name wrong. Well, it's been picked up by no less than a dozen web news sites, blogs and websites. Some of them are actually authoritative sciencey or newsy types. Most are in India. This could mean several things:
  1. That I'm popular in a country where the populace is least likely to have internet service so, meh, not really that popular.
  2. That there is not a lot of real news out there so news agencies have to pull stuff like this out of the barrel. AND...
  3. If everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, mine is in India.

Katie and I finished the video late Friday night. Go check it out. If you can stand the fight song played by a big band or want to hear the word "spontaneously" used in a sentence 4 times during a 6 minute video.

Made an excellent lemon risotto and a spinach gratin for dinner last night. I'll post the recipe later.

The scabs on my big Boo Boos are starting to shed. It's not pretty. And, you are most welcome for THAT visual this morning. You didn't REALLY want that breakfast did you, now?

Nessa and the kittah were having a pretty good time last night. Nessa gave up the game to the cat pretty early on.

There you go. My weekend in a nut shell. As you can plainly see, I, too, have been dicking around on my computer all weekend. Tell me what you think then go visit a few others.



  1. I'm glad your scabs are healing but thanks for making me recall that woozy feeling I had when I saw the photo.

    It is SO cool that your story has been picked up!

    And thanks for the Annie's rice tip!

  2. SO glad to hear your booboos are healing!

    A sushi rolling get together sounds like fun!!

    Congrats on your story getting picked up!

    I'll be patiently waiting for that YUMMY sounding recipe! ;)

    RTT: Old Wine, Grapes, Winemaking, Noisy Neighbors

  3. Mmm, risotto. I love risotto. Between that and the other person talking about Mexican food, I'm already starving for lunch...

    Happy RTT!

  4. I love your outlook of your story being picked up and your 15mins of fame being in India...very funny stuff! I am not even famous in my household!!!

  5. Maybe you can turn this India fame into a Bollywood career?

  6. For a second I misread the boo boos and thought something else and wondered how on earth you would have scabbed up the girls. I realize it now. And now have the hiccups.
    Thanks for that.

  7. ROFL @ Sprite's Keeper!

    Ah, sushi rolling; since I'm, ahem, hard-headed, I always made my own sushi rice and ended up cursing the whole process. And eating the results, no matter how odd they looked (maki hand rolls are easier; look! It's a sushi-cone!).

    I think it's WAY cool you're famous in India.

  8. A sushi get together? Oh! You're giving me ideas!!

  9. Even if India has the fewest people with internet, with their population it's still an enormous number.

  10. I'll skip the sushi rolling but I like the dicking around - it's much like puttering and I'm an excellent putterer. Can't wait for your lemon rissoto recipe - yummy. Video was so cute - don't ya just love our fur-kids? btw I know you will be a huge hit in Bollywood...

  11. You keep talking about food, and now I'm hungry. I've noticed my India popularity has increased lately too. I can't possibly understand why though.

  12. I LOVE sushi rolling parties! I totally have to host one of those now. Thanks for the inspiration! :)