Monday, August 30, 2010

RTT - see if I try to be all eco-friendly ever again. this post is not for the squeamish

Got some random rolling around in your head? Sign on with the rest of us at RTT.

I did have a plan. It was a pretty good one. Get out one of our bikes and start riding it to work. Less than 4 miles seemed perfectly reasonable. Turns out it is fairly important to make sure that the bike fits.

I take klutiness to a whole other realm and that just because you could ride a bike as a kid of 10 does not mean that you are any good at it 40 years later. Case in point:

(my eye is okay. it just looks like I got punched because the lighting was bad. you know, I may use that excuse from now on)

That really is as painful as it looks. Taking off a layer of skin always stings something fierce.

So project "be eco-friendly by biking to work" is going to have to be shelved until further notice. Or at least until I can find a smaller bike. Damn these short legs of mine.

I recovered that table that I have my legs up on. I'll post the "how-to" later this week.

While I may not be able to ride a bike I do seem to be able to walk. This morning I walked to work. All 4 miles. Without falling, stubbing my toes, or running the battery out of my iTouch. Impressive, No?

I even took a few pictures along the way. Because I know you would have been there if you could but since you can't here is a bit of my walk in.

Some trees along the bayou trail. The Spanish moss is finally coming back after Hurricane Ike 2 years ago.

The house that reminds me of a ship.
I drive this same route everyday and everyday I think the same thing;
"that house looks like a cruise ship"
Okay, maybe it's just me.

And the house that I want
if it ever goes up for sale
and I could convince JR to buy it
and if I won the lottery so I could afford to fix it

Isn't it wonderful?
The falling down screened porch on the right,
the portico on the left,
the broken pediment above the door,
the peeling paint,
the overgrown shrubbery,
the undoubtedly warped floors,
the dry rot and crumbling foundation,
the faulty wiring,

I AM in love.
Totally unashamedly IN LOVE!

I've never really felt that way about a house before. Especially, one that I haven't even stepped across the threshold. I'm not sure how to explain it. Except I WANT THIS HOUSE!

JR is not feeling the love yet. I'm working on him.

Note: a broken pediment is the stylistic thingy above the door not because it is actually broken. Though it probably is.

That is it for me. I'm going to sit at my desk and try not to bend my knee. Go visit all the rest of the gang.



  1. first of all: Ouch! Second, please tell me that having sex is not the same as riding a back after being absent for a long time. I don't think I could handle it.

  2. Ohh, hope that gets better soon. Walking is good. Somewhat safer too, most of the time.
    Love that house too. And yep, ship definitely.

  3. ouch.
    that looks painful.
    and yeah
    that house is nice

  4. I don't think I have any Princess band-aids big enough for those booboos, but I'll send virtual kisses anyways.

  5. Nope, I don't think Lightening McQueen will fit over those, either. When that happens we resort to M&Ms. Give it a try.

    I love your "future" house. You'll have to have a bloggy housewarming when you get there :)

  6. Oh geez, that really does look like it hurts! You really know how to get injured! Poor girl!

  7. I feel for you girl, my knee took a beating last year and people still think it's a fresh mood.

  8. Holey crapoli girl! You be more careful in future please coz that looks extremely painful! I wouldn't ride a bike coz it would give me terminal butt-ache! lol And if I walked 4 miles I'd probably curl up in the fetal position and die... Heal!!! xo

  9. Are those huge holes in the roof of that house.

    Sorry about the fall, but you can drop the seat and handlebar to a level that fits you. But you really need to take care if you have one of those bikes that have the tiny wheels. And the tip for the correct height for safety is that you park your rump on the seat with one foot on the peddle while the other is flat on the ground. None of your Tour d'France tippy-toes, nor the edge of the seat playfullness.

  10. Vince: Where were you when I was trying this bike on for size? Oh that's right you live across the pond. Very acceptable excuse.

  11. You poor dear! Hope you can find a bike that fits you.

    I love that house too. And thanks for explaining about the broken thing ... only you explained about 3 paragraphs too late because I was trying to see where it was broken.

  12. Ouch! That sounds like something I would do. Stick with the car. I'll make sure all the lights are off and all the cans get recycled to cover you. It's safer this way.

  13. Holy Cow Girl. Hope all is healing up, damn. Love the house pics though. Cheers Michele!!

  14. Ouch! Love the house though, what a fun fixer upper that would be!

  15. Oh my god, you klutz. What were you thinking?!? I hope you're healing up by now but really, a 4 mile walk is a bit far.

    That house is gorgeous. How many guest rooms does it have? BlogHer 2011 at Michele's house!!!

  16. Man I had a few bike wrecks as a kid, but I don't even WANT to go there at my age.

    You really did get banged up bad. I hope you are recovering!!!

    I love the house it available!


  17. Remind me to tell you MY biking horror story some time. I haven't been on a bike since, and it was 20 years ago.

    Can I move in when you get that house?? *drool*