Monday, August 30, 2010

I've got nothing so my cat gets first billing

Our cat has been relegated to being an indoor cat these days. He doesn't like it and what is worst is that his tummy doesn't like it. He's been sick in some way since we moved into this place. Lately he's been either pooping, not in his cat box, or puking for the last week. What is really killing me is that his preferred place to poop or puke is in my studio....on my canvas drop cloth.....right where I stand to my bare feet. Ewwwww.......

So since we can't let him outside (like his daddy he'd get lost within minutes) we thought to bring the outside to him in the form of pet grass and catnip.

Mmmmmm....I love the nip.
Give me the nip.
And, what a lovely blue plate you've put it on
but I'm a guy so let's pretend that I didn't
say that.

What are you looking at?
Look, can you give a cat a moment here?

The decimated remains.

everything is sorta spin'in and kinda fuzzy.
What's to eat?
Can someone order a pizza?

I'm just gonna chill out right here for awhile.
Don't go harshing my buzz by wanting to paint.

When our cat comes down from his catnip induced high we'll see if his tummy is better.

Love from the kitty drug pusher,


  1. Cats make me sneeze and swell up, so while he's a very pretty kitty (and I hope he feels better soon, if only so you won't have to worry about where you're standing while you paint) may I just say I LOVE the painting on the easel?

  2. Ya. What Jan said. Minus the swelling but with burning eyes.

  3. a) he is beyoootiful !

    b) where did you get catnip seeds ? cos Italy appears to be a catnip free zone and I am just so desperate to see my feline mob experience "dwugs" for the first time LOL

  4. Thanks Jan (about the painting). I've started a whole series of abstracts with the people in them in yoga positions.

  5. Too much more of that catnip and he'll end up in rehab with Lindsay Lohan.

    I love the painting too!

  6. Jay: I had to take the plant away from him this morning. During the night he must have been jonesing on the dang thing because it is down to nubs already.

  7. haha!! Hope it fixes its ailments.
    The painting is awesome!!!

  8. Why do you show pictures I cannot hope to have?
    As for the catnip, get a mouse toy and totally unnerve him with it. A buzzed cat with paranoia is all sorts of fun! (So say my dogs..)

  9. My daughter struggles with cat poop and puke issues. It's especially maddening when she steps in on the floor in the dark. I hope your kitty tummy troubles stop soon!

  10. It's so much fun getting one's cat high. Cheers Michele!!

  11. I've always loved watching cats get high. Hope the little guy is feeling better.

  12. Your cat is gorgeous! I feel your pain with the poop and the puke. My cat went thru the same thing earlier this summer. Several trips to the vet and a few less area rugs in my house, fortunately he is feeling better. I hope your kitty feels better soon too!

  13. I hope he feels better soon! He is a beautiful boy and to be sick is not fun for him either I'm sure.