Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mutant Cinderella, cool old houses, and the drearded cable company

You know you want to

This sentiment works for me.
Want one also?
Click the doormat.
Only $18.95 at the good people from Hunts Country Vineyards.

I'm not sure why I found this interesting.

There is a website that I adore, after all of yours of course.
It's Historic Properties For Sale.
I search through this website every once in a while
just to check if they have that must have piece of property.
That old house that I can't live without.
That piece of junk that is dirty cheap, that JR and I will break our backs trying to fix up,
that well worn and well love POS that we will kill ourselves
trying to rehabilitate.
Things like this:

This beauty can be picked up for a mere $59,999.
That buys you the house, 10 lovely acres in Indiana, and enough work to keep you busy for a lifetime.

I'm totally in love with this 1832 school house.
It's a little tiny thing sitting on 1.2 acres
in New York state.
Just think of it getting a big thing in a small package.

How about this?
They want $10,000 for it.
That's less than a new car
and less than the price of the boat you'll
need to get out to it.
You can't buy a view like this for $10k anywhere else.

Comcast hell
I spent 1 hour on the phone with Comcast on Saturday for the about the 7th time since we moved here. I paid the balance from the old place and the current bill here with the same check. Don't ever do that! It completely freaks them out. They don't know how to handle it. So in their confusion they don't credit the right account and they shut off your cable.

Then you call them. They promise you that they've fixed the problem. They turn your cable back on for 1 week. At which time they shut it back off again.

So you call. They promise you that they've fixed the problem and the turn the cable back on. Only to shut it off again a week later.

Then you call them. You explain the problem. They tell you that they totally understand why you are upset. They tell you that they will be sure to take the cable out of the old place and they won't even charge you for it. Isn't that kind of them? They also tell you that they have fixed the problem and they turn your cable back on for a week. At which time they shut it off again.

Then you call them again. I think you get the picture. That one check has flown from account to account now so many times that I think it has more frequent flyer miles than I do. So for the 7th time in the last 7 weeks I've spent an hour on the phone to Comcast. Another hour I will never get back. I've lost all hope that our cable will stay on for more than a week. The Comcast customer service phone number is in my speed dial. It is permanently etched in my brain. I can recite it from memory. I could probably sing it.

I can now say that I have the patience of a saint. JR would have been brought up on verbal abuse charges long before now. His potty mouth would have gotten us banned from any and all cable for the rest of our lives. We would be that sad couple that only watches what they can get with a pair of rabbit ears.

This now ends the rant portion of my post. Everyone go visit all the other Random Tuesday Thoughts players.

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  1. Got to have me a lighthouse!!! That view would be amazing! But then I think of the boat and the storms and then it appeals to me not so much!!
    I have been on that Comcast flight as well. I have frequent flyer miles! I love Comcast cable but some of their departments...well...enough said! They get confused easily. Don't get me started!!
    Great Randomness...have a great day!

    Hope they fix your problem soon and permanently.

  2. I'd live in that lighthouse in a heartbeat. I fear I've found a new site to suck up valuable time!

    And I'm pretty sure it's legal to shoot cable company employees in Texas.

  3. Wow!! And I was soooo frustrated awhile back when we finally went from rabbit ears to cable. The company had the fax line and phone line mixed up for half a day.
    I do not have the patience of a saint.
    Well maybe I do...I waited half a day for it all to be done so I could get back to work.
    As of yet I am not totally sold on cable. If the "bundle" didnt cut my phone bill in half I wouldn't find it that great. But the DVR is soooo worth it!!

  4. So that's where the term comcastic came from.. Who knew? John wants Comcast. I may need him to read this before making any changes..

  5. Comcast is a weird cable network! When I had it set up a few months ago they gave us access to a bunch of high def channels and then one day promptly took them away - including Nickelodeon which is the only thing my daughter likes to watch. It took over a week to get a technician here to change our plan to include Nick. My question is - if they can turn it off remotely, why do they need to visit and charge $27 to turn it back on?

    Here for Random Tuesday!

  6. That first little fixer-upper in Indiana would be great if it wasn't in Indiana. ;-)

    I'm going to spend lots and lots of time on that historic places site. Thanks.

  7. If I had the extra moolah, I'd be hopping on that lighthouse. Not so sure about the shack that's almost 60 grand.
    Yeah, Comcast pretty much blows. I say you have the patience of a saint as well.

  8. I say look into getting cable from somewhere else. :)