Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RTT - Miscellaneous Musings

It's Tuesday, therefore it's random.
A little too Descartes?

I saw these at PetSmart on Sunday.
I was kinda creeped out.
Tripper would never sit still long enough for JR to get them on him.
I say JR because I would never try.
I would never try because I would be laughing too hard.
FYI: have you ever seen a Pembroke Welsh Corgie with a tail?
Me either.

Is it crazy that I know what this means:

The Holy Grail of Ubiquitous Plain-Text Capture

Yeah, I thought so.

It seems that we have been emailing ourselves. For some reason our msn email account has decided to send itself emails. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing it in my sleep so that means my account has picked up a bug. After May's adventures in wormville I'm going to have to close that account. JR is not going to like it. That's his email account. *sigh* Why am I always the bad guy. Doesn't he know that it hurts me more than it hurts him.

This is a library.
The cannon in front is what happens when you don't return your books.
You've been warned.

It seems I'm in my sailboat period.
I painted this a couple of months ago.

I'm planning something like this next.
Except, I picked up some gorgeous handmade paper the other day
I think I'll use that instead.
I hope the family likes sailboats.
Because, the last time I went through a period
I painted about 6 or 8 lighthouse paintings.
It lead me to wonder if Degas was ever sick of painting dancers but just couldn't stop himself.
I can relate.

Off to work now. Ya'll have a great day. Click the purpley button up top to be taken to a whole bunch of other folks who random on Tuesday. Try it. It's fun. And cathartic. And, when can you put those two words together?



  1. Love your paintings, hate Descartes. Hate him. I should have put him on my list today. Cheers Michele!!

  2. Love your painting!!!! You have such talent!!!

  3. #1 - I LOVE your painting and can't wait to see the next.

    #2 - I am now leery of libraries with canons.

  4. I think the fashion diapers for kids are rediculous and now small dogs can be too. That library is beautiful. We don't have any warnings like a cannon at mine, just a park for the kids to keep coming back to.

  5. Honestly, pet diapers? What in the world!

    You and your library!!!

    Your sailboat art is lovely!

  6. Love the paintings! Let me know when you're in your nature period. I would love some more flower paintings! :-)

  7. Do you think those doggie diapers are any cheaper than baby ones?

  8. lol, I would be laughing probably in tears as well. Come to think of it I have never seen a Corgi with a tail.

    Love the colors on your boats.

  9. ha, the doggie diapers creep me out too! That is hilarious...
    And I love the artwork!

  10. Wow. Those doggy diapers really creep me out too. /backs away slowly....

  11. Yeah I'm loving this random thoughts Tuesday, but I'm always late so I missed it. Hopefully I'll remember next week, although I'll probably forget what randomness I was planning on sharing, then I'll remember on Thursday and will be late again.
    Oh well. I did really enjoy your randomness...and your paintings. Wow. God given talents: writing and painting. Can I hate you? Just a little bit?

  12. I once put boots on my dog and laughed myself into a hernia, can't imagine diapers.

    Love the boats. What can I trade for one of them? (j/k) (mostly)