Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I could afford that - the game

Okay, you know the drill
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I think Captain Dumbass needs these.
Think of the culinary possibilities.

*This is what some of my paintings are missing.

We could afford this.
It sits in downtown Houston near the railroad tracks.
Like most of the houses we can afford,
it's on the wrong side.

New state motto for Oregon,
Warning, hugging could cause bark burns



  1. I'm sure you could do it up nicely.

  2. I bet there are more than a few empty bottles of wild Irish Rose inside that house. Now c'mon Michele, start paintin' up some robots. Cheers!!

  3. The Captain definitely needs some of those cookies! Not sure about adding robots to your paintings, though... ;)

    That poor house - bet it was cool in its heyday. I'm sure people can say that about us, too. ;)

    RTT: Heat, Dork Dogs, Etc.

  4. Bark burns. *snicker*

    Wow - you know, I never realized that the painting in my house were missing monkeys and robots. I must correct this immediately.

  5. So should I ship the one you gave me back for the addition of monkeys and/or robots? Because I actually love it just the way it is.

  6. I actually like those pancake shape things!

  7. I want those, and we finally have a Williams and Sonoma here. And what painting couldn't benefit from giant robots and flying monkeys?