Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heading to Austin, TX.

Yeah, I know, I never sit still.
I've got a couple of meetings in Austin that I'm not quite ready for so I'll be keeping this short.

The big difference about this trip is that JR will be accompanying me. He doesn't usually go because there is no one at home to take care of the animals. With The Boy at home we plan to take advantage of the opportunity to get away as often as possible.

By ourselves.

At a nice hotel.
Where someone cooks for me.
Someplace that when I walk in the door my greeting won't be...
What's for dinner?
It will be....
Welcome, can I take your bag?
(BTW, my answer is always "yes" or "why, yes you can" or "thank you very much" or "Gawd, please do".)

We have plans. After my meetings, we'll be heading to the following places:

The Oasis to watch the sun go down.
It will be so romantic.
I hope.

The Clay Pit for dinner.
We love Indian food.

The Alamo for a movie, beer and food.
But, only if the movie isn't Predators.
I'm a major wuss.
Maybe, just the beer and food.
Beer and food is good.
Not as good as beer and skittles
(nod to Julie *wink*)

JR will be spending a little time at Waterloo Records.
The man is an audiot and vidiot at heart.

I'll be taking my camera. I may even pass it off to JR to take on his travels. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with. Maybe, I can even convince him to post about his visit to the music store. He is a journalism major after all. You would think he could write something compelling.

I'm taking requests.
Is there any place you would like us to see and report on while we are there?
Someplace you've heard about?
Someplace you went to and would like to see what it looks like now?

We'll try to get there. Grab a couple of pics and post about it.



  1. I am so intrigued with your restaurant choice. I am nuts about Indian food! Have a wonderful time!

  2. That hotel looks absolutely amazing! Not sure I can agree with the Indian food, though...tried it once...I don't like spicy food so I would say it was kind of a bad idea for me! Anyway, have fun on your trip and be sure to get pampered as much as possible. :)

  3. Ok, I am so jealous!!!! Have fun!

  4. Oh man I'm jealous! I haven't been home to Austin in TWO YEARS! After Waterloo, make sure you run around the corner for Amy's Ice Cream. And check out the new Whole Foods, the most enormous and outrageous store on the planet. And go to Guero's for Tex-Mex!! I can live vicariously! Oh, and it you go to the County Line on the Hill for barbecue, think of me, because I grew up across the street!

  5. Oh, just wonderful!!!! HAVE ever so much fun!


  6. LOVE Austin and the Clay Pit! Enjoy it!

  7. Sounds like a great getaway!! Have a blast while using the "free" babysitter at home.

  8. I love traveling, virtually and otherwise. I will be thrilled with whatever you share.

    Have fun!!

    And you are very much invited to hook any of your posts with any Thrurdays ravels with Mr Linky at my place.

  9. Have fun kids. I want to see a picture of JR eating some meat. That would make my month. Cheers Michele!!

  10. Oh, wow are you bringing back memories for me! The Oasis is awesome! They usually have a band on the outside deck for dancing. The Alamo is the best way to watch a flick.