Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Came, We Moved, We Collapsed

Just wanted to let everyone know that our move went well.
No one put their back out.
No one fell and broke anything.
And No one was hurt while being the person that had to walk backwards with the heavy piece of furniture without decent handholds.
(yes, all of these things have happen to me while moving. but, not this time. This time I made it out unscathed. It's like a flipping miracle! Do you think that pope will canonize me for not being a klutz?).

We are now waiting (rather impatiently, I might add) for the cable people to get off their duff and set up the TV and internet. Yes, if someone had gotten off their rear end to make arrangements, like say a week ago, this wouldn't be an issue but alas, it is not to be. I did make the arrangements today so Thursday it is. A long wait but it could be longer. the only painful part is the lack of internet (my calls to me). If it was just TV I'd say screw it and use the bunny ears because with those suckers we get about 12 channels. Of course, most of those are Spanish language channels which do me no good because about all I can say in Spanish is, "where is the bathroom" and "I'll take 2 beers, please." So unless the actors are standing in a bar I'm pretty much out of luck.

Until Thursday (when all bets are off) you all take care,



  1. You made it! Good! Send photos I am anxious to see your new place. My reader calls me all the time also. I'm afraid I'm hooked.


  2. Yay for being all moved in!! I can't wait to see pics of the new place.

    Dos cervezas, por favor.

  3. Glad to hear it went well, cept the internet thingy.

  4. Yes, that initial wait without tv is painful! I'm glad it went smoothly and that you're now in your new home!

  5. I am usually the one walking backwards. :-)
    Glad you made it!

  6. Moving sucks... period. No TV, well,that sucks too! Glad the worst is over and hope getting settled goes easy.

  7. Hope you're settling in okay and enjoying your new surroundings. Hooray for no injuries! Are the dogs liking their new home too?

  8. So glad you're settling in and the worst is over!
    I guess you've got your internet now, huh?

  9. Ok, I've been away for too long if you up and moved and I didn't know about it. Glad things went well and hopefully you're back online now..