Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun with sheet music covers

It seems to me that sheet music from the late 19th and early 20th century have some of the greatest graphics around. Not to mention the fantastically crazy titles. But, what title can't be made better with a little tweaking? I say none. So, let's have a little fun with sheet music covers why don't we?

#1 Robin They Tell Me You're Going Away

My versions:

Robin, a Bird Just Crapped on my Head
Robin, Your Hair Seems to Have a Life of it's Own. (No, seriously it just spoke to me. Dude! Make it stop. It's scaring me.)
Robin, I just wanted to mention this sore on my lip.

#2 Death is Only a Dream

My versions:

Help me! I'm stuck in this oval and can't get out.
Death isn't only a dream (if it was only a dream you wouldn't smell so bad)
(Oh shoot, I can't think of another one because I'm too fixated on the original title. Who writes songs like this? Well, obviously the incredibly morbid A. Buckanan writes songs like this. I wonder if a little Xanax wouldn't help him. Or my favorite combo; Xanax and a glass of house red. Or maybe Mr. Buckanan had a thing for opium? Whatever, the guy was weird)

#3 Houston's Enterprise Grand Marches

My versions:
Choo Choo Choo goes the trolley
10 points if you hit the dog

#4 Grand Secession March

My versions:
Grand WTF Happened March
It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time March
Yep, We Need a Grand March Because You All Know How That Secession Thing Worked Out for Us.
(this one is very unusual. Most old sheet music isn't printed in color. It is interesting to note that the first shots fired in the Civil War were in Charleston, SC. The Delegation were on their toes to have written a march on such short notice or they could have written this some years earlier when they decided to succeed. They were just a bit secession happy back then.)

#5 Reconstruction! Grand March

My versions;
I don't Remember Signing Up For This Grand March
Are Those Bones in Your Hands or Are You Just Happy to See Me March

#6 Mary

I'm not even sure what I can say about this image except, well, maybe,

Got a title to share?

Have a great weekend.


  1. "10 Points if you hit the dog"

    I am laughing and shaking my head at the same time. I thought you were a dog person.

  2. You sure do have a the most interesting stuff going on over here.

  3. I wonder how popular Death is Only a Dream...?


  4. At least the bird didn't crap on his head WHILE he was stuck in the oval.