Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Walking the Dogs in Tempe, Arizona

We took the dogs for a walk at on the urban lake parks.
This park is located on Baseline Road in Tempe, AZ

The weather is perfect. 80, sunny and dry.
So dry in fact that my poor heels have dried out and cracked.
Lack of moisture is not a problem in Houston.
Now, I'm sort of hobbling around.

The breeze was blowing the leaves and flowers on the trees
but it wasn't enough to make our walk unpleasant.
Just enough to make that air fresh and perfumed by the flowers.

It was so nice that the mama ducks decided to take their babies out.
Aren't they sweet?
Tripper usually likes to chase birds but
he ignored the baby ducks.

Today we will be heading to the Botanical Garden or Boyce Thompson state park.
My mom wants to see some cactus flowering.
I figure those are just the places to go for that.
I think we'll take the dogs and a picnic basket.



  1. I dig that last picture with the iron thingy in the background. Have fun. Cheers Michele!!

  2. Oh, what lovely photos! And I'm a sucker for baby ducks...

  3. I am jealous! Of course I won't be come August, but this isn't August.


  4. Baby ducks are cool. Last year a few of them were pretty bold too. If I was sitting on a bench at the lake they would walk right up to me and get really close. Until they realized I wasn't going to fee them. Then they got bored and left.

  5. I don't think they allow dogs at the Botanical Garden, so you should go to Boyce Thompson.

  6. Beautiful ducks! The ones we have over here are UGLY.

  7. Glad to hear you're having fun out there. Great shots, I love the cute little baby ducks!

  8. I used to live in Phoenix, 80 degrees is good. Still remember the misters everywhere.