Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RTT - Conversations across Texas

Here are a few of the conversation JR and I have been having as we drive across Texas. You can tell that it is one of the most boring drives ever achieved by the Dogslife family with maybe the exception of our epic drive of 2004. When we drove from Seattle, Washington to Bloomington, Indiana across the wide open spaces of Nebraska. After arriving in Bloomington we shot off a quick letter to the Governor of Nebraska suggesting that whatever their state motto was it should be changed to "Nebraska, best seen at night".

Some things are just obvious….
JR ,upon seeing a sign for Sonora Caverns: There’s a cavern we haven’t seen yet.
Me: I’ve been underground enough for a person who isn’t dead.

I’m NOT my dad…
A little back story on this one, JR’s dad, Eddie, in the last years of his life, spent a lot of time trying to convince us that he couldn’t see. All his complaints started with; “God damnit I can’t see anymore. I need new glasses” (BTW, his glasses were new). The problem was that as he was telling us how bad his eyes were he would be reading and commenting on bumper stickers on the car two or three car lengths ahead of us. Bumper stickers that my late 20s eyes couldn’t read. This peculiarity of his has been a running joke in the family even 15 years after his death. I know we are a sick bunch.
Back to present day:
JR: That’s kind of an out of the way place to put a building. What does the sign say; Hill Country Grocery?
Me: I didn’t see it.
JR: Oh, it said Hill Country Raceway. God damnit I can’t see out of these glasses any more. I need a new pair.
Me: Heeheehee…..Eddie, What did that bumper sticker say?
JR: think you are so damn funny. Don’t EVER say I’m like my dad.

It’s all in the planning
Central and West Texas have this quaint little road thang going. There will be a rest stop complete with bathrooms. About 90 miles later there will be a picnic stop with no bathrooms, then another 90 miles a rest stop/bathrooms, then 90 more miles another picnic stop/no bathrooms. You get the pattern. The 90 miles between stops is filled with low scrub bushes and snakes. There will be NO stopping to go behind a bush.
JR: I’m waiting to drink a coke until we are closer to Ft. Stockton.
Me: huh?
JR: I don’t want to have to go to the bathroom at the wrong stop.
Me: Yes, I can see where you would have to employ a beverage consumption strategy on this stretch of road.

If all goes well we will be in lovely downtown Tempe, Arizona by today. Sitting beside the pool drinking some sort of drink with an umbrella in it. Ya'll have a great day. Don't forget to visit Keely and all the other randomers.



  1. You two are a hoot!! Enjoy awesome Tempe!!

  2. Your conversations sound like me and DS on a trip. I finally just turn on some music and drive, drive, drive. Enjoy!

  3. Have fun in Tempe!!!! You will feel like you are home again.


  4. I'm with JR on the beverage strategy, sorry. And aren't we all somehow slowly turning into our parents? It's insane.

  5. WTF were they thinking planning a bathroom every 180 miles? Trust me, it was NOT a woman who came up with that idea.