Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts from our trip to Arizona


Random Tuesday Thoughts.
The premise here is to post those of your thoughts that just don't make a complete post. That, of course, constitutes about 9/10ths of my thoughts making this easy for me.

I adore this building.
End of thought.

We took the dogs for another walk in the park in Tempe and look who was standing on the side of the lake. He was huge!

He let us come within a couple of feet of him before he flew off.

He could have been a she. I didn't check. So I'm using the pronoun he as a generic term.

JR and I weren't the only ones that got to visit friends and family on our trip. Nessa got to spend a little time with her sister, Izzy.

Izzy is the darker of the two. Her and Nessa met up for the first time in over a year and you wouldn't have known that they had been apart.

Doggie nose kisses.
Anything any cuter?
I don't think so.

I was due at a conference in Austin on Monday and Tuesday so we hightailed it over there. We drove from Lordsburg, New Mexico to Austin, Texas in one really, really long ass numbing day.

The next morning we took the dogs for a walk along the lake. Nessa liked the doggie drinking fountain.

The guys dropped in off at my hotel on Sunday afternoon.
Pretty nice huh?

This is the view of downtown Austin that Rachel and I will be enjoying until Tuesday afternoon. Then it is back to Houston for us.

That's it for me. Go visit the gang over at Keely's for more randomness.



  1. There is an odd symmetry in randomness, and I have a question...How'd that padded head board work out for you guys? Cheers Michele!!

  2. You've sure been busy with all these trips. Love the pictures from the past few posts. Especially the duck family. :)

    Congrats on the graduation. That is such a thrilling moment...maybe more for the parent?

  3. I absolutely love the doggy sister love!!! They really have a doggy fountain? That's brilliant!

  4. Is that appliance store still in business? End of question.

  5. I'm so jealous that you're in Austin that I could spit! And I think you're staying within spitting distance from both Las Manitas AND Guerro's. Man, I'm getting weak in the knees.

  6. can't believe how close that bird let you get! And those dogs are soo cute!

  7. Count me in with Gretchen in the Texas jealousy. *sigh*

    Doggy drinking fountains are WAY cool.

  8. You know that my doggie Teddy is part Corgie.part golden retriever. The legs. the long body. I adore him. Ppl stop me all the time asking what kind of dog he is

  9. Aww, Nessa and Izzy are cute together! And speaking of that doggy water fountain, my kids drink from that thing every time. Can't stop them so why bother.