Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boyce Thompson State Park

On Wednesday we went to Boyce Thompson State Park.
It's more like an arboretum than a state park.
With paths and gardens and a lake and a couple of creeks.

Here's is my mom and I with the dogs next to the lake.
My mom is allergic to the sun. So she has too cover up head to toe when out in it.
Not me. A hat, sunblock, and sunglasses are my only concession to the sun.

Boyce Thompson park is located 60 miles east of Phoenix, it is at the base of the mountains.
As you can see after a 4 mile walk the dogs were tired and thirsty. I was too.
It was perfect sunglasses and hat weather.
Not too hot. Not too cold. It was just right.

For $7.50 per person it provided us all a nice walk and something inexpensive to do while The Boy was taking his last final. This is a park that we go back to over and over again. If you are ever in Phoenix and it's not too hot you really should try to get up to Boyce Thompson.

Let's all jump up and down for my new camera. Oh sure, JR might think he has some claim on it but we all know that it's mine. All mine. Mahahahaha.

These photos are straight out of the camera. Not too bad huh? My poor point & shoot Kodak was dying a long and lingering death. First the exposure was going which necessitated constant fiddling in Photoshop (not that I don't enjoy fiddling in photoshop but it was getting annoying. I, also, don't have any photo editing software on my netbook. Anyone know of a free photo editing software that is good?) Second, the place where the cable I used to transfer photographs to my computer pushed itself into the body of the camera. Thus causing me to have to take out the memory card which I would forget to put back which would mean that I couldn't transfer them. I could go on about my camera issues but you get the picture. 5 years for a digital camera seems to be my limit.

The wildflowers were blooming.

Some of the cactus were blooming, also.

I love the look of this trellised path. The dappled sunshine and the lovely flowers made it the perfect place to rest a'spell.
This photo and the trees above are my next painting.
They have been rattling around in my head every since I took them.
I saw some great paper at the art supply store that I think will make great tree trunks.

After all the walking we enjoyed a great lunch of veggies, hummus, cheese, nuts, chips and bread.

Have you got a park that you go back to time and time again?


  1. That looks very pretty. I especially like the photo of the lake.

    Did I read your post correctly? Did your son graduate before taking his final exam?

    We go to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve over and over again. It used to be free, then they started charging an entry fee to go on the board walk around the wetlands, and now you have to pay for a day or yearly pass, but it's still worth while.

  2. Oooo! WONDERFUL pics from the new camera! And yes - GIMP is a marvelous open-source (and free) photo editing software. Just Google it.

  3. The pics are gorgeous - I want to be there instead of here in my desk chair studying. Oh wait, I'm not studying; I'm playing on Facebook. Oops. I think I need a walk in the park. :)

  4. Great pics of good times....Until you got to the hummus. Cheers Michele!!

  5. Unfortunately, we have nothing like that here. All the state parks in this area cost about 50 bucks for the three of us to get in, and that doesn't include anything else. Blah. We do have a manatee pond that is free, but that's just because they haven't fenced it in yet. :-)

  6. That's a beautiful place. Very scenic.

  7. Great shots! Man, I could use some nature.

  8. Love the photos! Great to see pictures of your dogs again. I take my little fluffy one down to Jack Smith Park in Needles, CA to get his belly wet in the Colorado River a couple mornings a week.

  9. I'd visit that park on a regular basis if I lived there! :) Great shots with your new camera! My Kodak point-and-shoot is dying a slow death, too. Can't wait to see the painting you have rattling around in your head of that one shot - it'll be amazing for sure! :)

  10. Allergic to the sun? That sounds bad. And hot when she has to cover up that much.

    We have a few parks in the area where we go to take in nature. We spot gators and turtles and snakes and such...... eek.