Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Need more cow bell


It's Tuesday.
Three more days until we take off for Phoenix.
Going to watch The Boy graduate from college.
You all know the drill.

We have a friend that plays in the Tempe Symphony Orchestra. It's a great all volunteer symphony orchestra. In fact, they are so good that getting into their concerts is very hard. That is why we always tried to go the the dress rehearsals. You got to sit in whatever seat you wanted and didn't have to dress up for the occasion.

So one day we are sitting listen to the orchestra practice for their yearly Christmas performance. The conductor keeps turning to the scant audience for advice about the sound levels and such. There must have been band geeks in the audience because asking our help would have been just plain dumb and stupid. Anyway, just about the end of one song JR leans over to me andquietly says, "it needs more cow bell". I laugh and wanting to spread this particularly witting remark to my friend Lisa I lean over to her, pitch my voice over the orchestra a little and say, "it needs more cow bell", just as they stop playing. The 20 people sitting in the audience start laughing. The conductor asks what is so funny. One of the less embarrassed audience members tells him that the song needs more cow bell. The conductor turns to the percussionist to tell him the up the cow bell is some section of the score. The audience laughs even harder because he took the comment seriously. I sink even further into my seat.

Proving that I don't have to be drunk to say inappropriate things.

Got another email from Candy. She points out an interesting item on the American Library Association annual conference website.
Date: Monday, May 3, 2010, 5:22 PM

I find it interesting they have a link to local AA meetings on the conference wiki. Are they trying to say something about librarians?

Scroll down. It's at the bottom.

I have several recipe websites that I like but the places that I frequent the most are from companies that sell products that I buy. If you haven't gone to company websites for recipe shopping you really should.

Here is some that I like:
Bob's Red Mill
Annie Chuns
Mayo Clinic This is the best for low fat nutritious recipes
Cooking light

The list goes on and on. Most of the recipes from these place expect that you are using their product. Sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not. I use them for ideas anyway.

Okay, off to work. Have a great day everyone.



  1. Congratulations to the boy! I hope y'all have a great time - take a couple of hankies to the ceremony. Just sayin'.

    We'd be here all day if I linked to my favorite recipe sites - but one is yours. ;)

  2. You have fun! I'll bet you get homesick for AZ once you get there.



  3. Oh, love the cow bell joke!
    And how exciting, your son's graduation!! Enjoy!

  4. Have a wonderful trip and congrats on your son graduating! If you need restaurant ideas for Phoenix I can tell you a couple of awesome places to go. Denise

  5. Every song needs more cowbell. haha ;-)

  6. I got scared off by my one visit to the Philedelphia Cream Cheese website. Arteries...hardening.

    I didn't know orchestras actually HAD cow bell. Hm.

  7. I'm dying over here about the cowbell and the fact that the dude actually took you seriously. Bravo, Michele. Bravo.

    Congrats to The Boy! Yay!