Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fibber McGee's closet it's not.

I'm a rush and wear kind of gal. There is nothing I hate more than dithering in the morning about what I'm going to wear. Then again I'm not a 10 year old child that needs to lay her clothes out before she goes to bed. (Of course, I do lay out my clothes or I pack what I'm going to wear in my gym bag but this is totally beside the point.)

Since, I still want to maintain the illusion that I can pick out what I want to wear in the morning I've devised my COS (closet organizational system). OMG! Am I a fricking librarian or what? I have a psychological need to organize my surroundings. Then give it some fancy name. Then only use the acronym. Please, someone stop me. I need help.

Since, I have this system I feel the need to tell you about it. Let's call it a public service. That sounds better than I need to justify my OCD tendencies. We all know that is what it is. Just shut up.

All my shirts are organized by the major color. Black and blue are on opposite sides so when my eyes are not quite open I don't grab a navy shirt to go with a black flower skirt. Left to right; Blue goes with blue. Red and pinks go together, then white/beige, then green, then purple, then brown and black. I don't even have to wash the sleep out of my eyes to pick out a shirt. I just have to know my right from my left. Which I don't but I do know that my wedding rings are on my left hand.

On the right are patterned skirts. From right to left (just to mix it up a little); browns, to purples, to greens, to reds, to blacks. All the solids go together. Same crazy need to put like colors together. Yada, yada. Gawd, I'm a nut job.

I don't seem to have the same need when it comes to shoes. Oh sure, they have to go in the shoe hangy things but they don't have to be obsessively organized. Weird huh?

Last but not least of my closet craziness is the hangers. Right to left; skirt hangers, then those plastic hangers that you get when you buy a new top, then tubular hangers. Usually I put those in like color order but sometimes JR puts them up there. And, he never puts them in the right order. I think he's trying to mess with my head.

There you have my closet insanity. I'm sure this is some kind of syndrome and I should see someone about it but I have to go put those hangers in the correct order now.



  1. Love the new header, but I think you need to try some meds for the OCD. I always get my clothes ready the night before, as it means I can sleep an additional ten minutes in the morning.

  2. I LOVE the new header. And am in awe of you (as usual). 'Cause "organized" and "Jan" are rarely used in the same sentence. Unless it's Beloved bemoaning the fact that "organized" and "Jan" aren't used in the same sentence.

    Pictures of my closet would send you into a seizure, I kid you not.

  3. I would make fun of your OCD, but as I am one who organizes and alphbatizes the canned goods in the cabinet, I don't think I am in a place to do such. Cheers Michele!!

  4. Since I have to hoard baby items for the next one whenever it decides to end my eternal waiting, my closet only wishes it looked like yours. Sigh.

  5. I am very much like you in my COS except I don't have nearly as many shoes or patterned skirts as you do. My closet is mostly dresses, tops, and solid bottoms. I'm a boring solid-colors gal.

    Are you allergic to wire hangers, too? I can't use them without thinking of Mommy Dearest.


  6. I have a daughter JUST like you. When she was a kid she started labeling her clothes, then the hangers and now her whole house.


  7. OCD is not limited to Librarians. Us "accountants" are just as bad. I usually have everything in the house alphabetized, including the DVDs, CDs, spices, and canned goods. Oh, and by the should be CDO. Compulsive Disorder Obsessive. It's in alphabetical order that way!
    PS -- have been stalking your blog for some time, and love it. Cheers!

  8. I always heard that this is how blind people arrange their closets. Hung by some color coding, so they can wear clothes that match, without actually seeing them. You are, in fact, slightly a nut, but in a good way. Some day, I'll actually post pictures of my closet after I finally put in my COS.

  9. O.M.G. I'm doing good to get my clothes INTO the closet and off the chair in the bedroom or out of the laundry basket. I will admit to having my shoes ordered left to right by color, brown, black, sneakers, flip flops, Crocs. Purses are on shelf w/luggage. And all my scarves are on hooks behind the door - that's it. Then again I've been losing weight and I hardly have any clothes left to hang up - all suits, jackets, & skirts and most of my nicer shirts have gone to Goodwill. Now I have mostly jeans, shorts & tee shirts left and they get folded up in dresser. gah..

  10. oh Lord, if you saw my closets you would pass out and if all goes well, you will feel the need to organize them.

  11. gretchen's comment just totally cracked me up.

    I pull something out of the closet last minute every morning. I'm pretty boring.

  12. I consider it a win if I actually get my closet door closed. I wish I could catch a little OCD. Just a little.

  13. You would shit yourself if you saw my closet. Seriously, it's bad.