Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OMG will never mean the same thing again! Ever!

I want to apologize right up front about this post. I don't know what came over me but when The Boy sent me the link to this book I felt the need to share. Please take the time to read the Key Phrases before you click that little x in the corner of the browser. Oh and the Product Description. You've got to read that or you'll never understand the title. And the
About the Author cuz.... Damn! And click on the link because the reviews are too funny.

For the love of God you must read the reviews

Have a lovely day everyone. I'll be winging my way to Denver so I won't get a chance to look in on any of you tomorrow but I'll catch up with you over the weekend.



  1. Well, I'm with the reviewer who was disappointed it wasn't filled with advice on how to deal with her huge dick of a boss.

  2. Not sure if this was tongue in cheek or banana in the pants. Fun to read about though.

  3. This editor had a sense of humor! How did he keep a straight face? My favorite part was "how to avoid injury in the work place" What? It better not be out in the work place! LOL Thanks for the laugh! Have a great day....Denise

  4. Oh Michele. OMG. Why did you get me to read those reviews?!? What's awesome is that some of the reviewers take it seriously. Like finally someone understands their plight!

    The internet is weird.

  5. OMG indeed!

    I wonder what the female equivalent of this book would be?

  6. "OMG", bwahhahhahhaha!

    Sheer brilliance. Now we need a female counterpart.

  7. Thank you for that. Thank you so much.

  8. aaww geez - that's just plain grody!

  9. OMG Michele, I'm sitting in Panera DYING laughing and people are starting to stare. Those reviews are hilarious. Unfortunately, my penis is nonexistent so I don't have said problem. Phew.