Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RTT - A nerd yes but I try.

It's Tuesday.
It's random.
It's my time to spew silliness.
It's all good.
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As you all probably know by now I'm big on digital preservation. Weird as it sounds for a librarian but that is my job. I preserve and make available digital content. It's a public service and a patriotic duty (snicker). Sure that may seem all lofty and academic and technobabblish but we have a fun side also. I give you proof....

I thought this was terribly funny then The Boy called me a nerd. *sigh*

Tom Brokaw did a show that will air on CNBC called Boomers.
I said to JR: "they didn't come to talk to us".
JR said, "he didn't want to get depressed".

We spent Monday evening watching the Westminster Dog Show. We wait all year to watch this show. Some of the time we taunt our own dogs with the fact that they will never be Best in Show. Or that they are Best in Show. Or we feel embarrassed for the poodles.

Seriously, how can you not feel bad for the Poodles. Look at that hair cut. It's just sad.
Or we talk about what great looking dogs are out there. How we would like to own one of each. With the exception of a few, such as any of the toy breeds or German Shepards Not that those aren't lovely dogs; we just like our dogs a bit sturdier.

Our favorites are the herding group. We've own 2 dogs from the herding group. A Pembroke Walsh Corgie and our beloved Border Collie.
Some things that are said about dogs in the herding group and what they really mean:
  • They are also independent thinkers - what they really meant: if you don't give them a job they will find one for themselves.
  • They are high energy - what they really meant: they will run you ragged.
  • They need a job - what they really meant: you will find your furniture herded into the middle of your living room.
  • They need a strong owner - what they really meant: if you aren't the boss the dog will be.

Mostly, we (truly it's me) cries over the Pedigree commercials. Damn menopause.

Do you have a favorite type of dog or like me do you love them all?


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  1. I looooathe poodles, but I am sitting here still bemoaning the fact that you watched a dog show. How can people do that? Cheers Michele!!

  2. They make dogs look their absolute most ridiculous and call it perfection. I don't get it!

  3. Matt: We love watching the Westminster because we love dogs and all things dog related. Could be worse. We could be watching golf.

    Blue: I don't get it either.

  4. Stopping by from the Un Mom…

    Whenever we watch the Dog show we are reminded of the comedy Best in Show.

    We also look at our dog and say that he is "best in house"

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. I do not like mean dogs...they scare me! But our dog could use at least one mean bone in his body to chase off midnight door knockers!! It would be helpful so the sheriff doesnt need to come over to chase them off. Ugh.

    Maria and James are now back to the land of Froze. They enjoyed AZ's weather immensely.

    All kids are as ornery as ever and doing well. Two teen boys are extremely tired of snow days and missing out on all the fun school provides.
    Tessa has slight pain but doing well. We will attempt to get to dr appt today. Yesterday we were crazy to have tried.

  6. We have a beagle. My favorite would be a tiny lap dog which doesn't shed.

    Crying over the Pedigree commercials. bahaha. I hear ya.

  7. We had a toy poodle growing up. She was super cute and in-charge (in her own mind). Then one day mom decided to have her groomed. Stupid haircut and bink bows. I, the only girl in the family, refused, along with my brothers, to take her for a walk until her hair grew out. They are so much cuter as puff balls:)

  8. My dad and step mother had a poodle. That thing was the wimpiest dog ever. I prefer the bigger dogs. The ones that will discourage anyone from crossing through my yard. ;-)

  9. Not a dog lover or even liker AT ALL! But I especially don't like poodles (of any size) but especially the size that have head that are right at crotch level.

    You have a cool job though!!! And it IS kind o patriotic to preserve things (? media?) for the future.

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I love watching the dog show too.
    I've had herders and they love to herd the passing traffic...

    Have a great RT.

  11. That poodle makes me think of the movie "Best in Show." Sooooo freakin' funny!!

  12. I like them all. I have never met a dog I didn't like.

    And I use cloth napkins. And I use your recipes!


  13. Love the hounddogs and terriers especially, but I really love that infomercial on data preservation! Hysterical!

  14. Well, you know how much I love my lab.....yeah.
    But the next dog has to be smaller (not toy tho) because I want to travel with it and let it sleep on the bed. I'm preparing myself for the fact that no one else will probably sleep in the bed with me, so I might as well allow a cuddly dog. Not sure what type yet...

  15. I bet poodles have a severe hair complex. I know I do.

    And? Ever since we saw Best in Show, we are suckers for a good dog show.

  16. I love love Corgi's. I also love basset hounds but not the drool, definitely not a fan of the drool

  17. Hah, nerd.
    I don't like Poodles but I don't have a good reason since they've always been nice to me.

    I love herding dogs and also the weimaraner, shepherds and sheep dogs.

  18. lol! Nerd.

    I'm partial to the herding dogs, and labs, myself...