Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Heart of Mine

Oh heart of mine!
We shouldn't worry so,
What we've miss'd of calm,
We couldn't have you know,
What we've met of stormy pain,
And of sorrows driving rain,
We can better meet again,
If it blow.
For we know, not every
morrow can be sad,
So forgeting all the
Sorrow we have had,
Let us fold away our fears,
And put by our foolish tears,
And thrs' all the coming years,
Just be glad."
J. Reid

Whoever you are J.Reid. Your poems seem be the only ones that I get.
You sent Christmas poems to my husband's grandparents for several years.

Who were you?
How did you know my grandparents-in-law?
Did you share your thoughts and feelings with anyone else?
Why can't I find you on any of my librarian databases?
None, of the poems you sent to them were postmarked so I assumed you lived in their small town in Montana. Did you?
Where are you?
Were you married?
Did you write poems for your beloved?
Did you profess your love through the flow of your words?
Did you have any children?
Did you sit by their beds at night making up poems to guide their dreams?
Who the hell were you and why can't I find you?

It's this kind of curiosity that brought me to being a librarian. My need to know about things that strike me as interesting can be a blessing and a curse. When I can't find anything it's a curse. When I finally find that piece of data, that snippet of information that brings me that much closer to knowing the answers I am exalted.

I can be such a bulldog with a bone between its teeth. I'll be picking at these questions for a long time. And, when I find the answers to any or all of these questions I'll write them down and tuck them in with the poems so the information won't be lost. Yeah, I'm weird like that.



  1. Oh wow, that IS a great poem. That would drive me nuts too. Hmm. Hopefully with the power of Google, you'll someday get your answers. Google is god.

  2. Oh wow, that IS a great poem. That would drive me nuts too. Hmm. Hopefully with the power of Google, you'll someday get your answers. Google is god.

  3. That comment wasn't actually SO interesting that I needed to post it twice but there it is..

  4. He's a walking rhyming dictionary. Cheers Michele!!

  5. That's really interesting, that J. Reid would send those, and yet you have no knowledge of it. Very cool!

  6. I don't think that's weird at all. I like that character trait!

  7. Great poem. Hope all the answers to your questions will be answered someday.

  8. Oh, how I understand that find the one person, that one in the past you added demision to the present.


  9. No, you're not weird, because I'm that way too. When I get curious about something (and there are SO many things I get curious about) I don't stop until I am able to satisfy that curiosity.

    So, if you're weird, then I'm weird too. you're weird.

  10. You know I write poetry, and occasionally send them to people. How great is it that your relatives kept them all these years? That gives me great hope. You're the librarian; if there's a way to find this poet, you'll come up with it!!

  11. You should be a reporter! Or a mystery writer. Keep us posted.

  12. so I now know someone as stubborn as myself. You really were made to be a librarian.