Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RTT - Where I prove that I am poor, lazy and a klutz. Wow ! That makes me feel great.

Yay! It's Tuesday. The day to pull together all those disjointed thoughts. I seem to have plenty these days. Anyhoo, if you want to read more crazy talk head over the Keely's place. She'll fix you right up.

We made the top 50. Librarian is the 46th best job according to the Wall Street Journal. Of course, We'd be number 1 if our salary wasn't laughable. Laughable as "I got a Master's degree for this" laughable. But Hey, we're number 46, we're number 46. Go Librarian!

Here is your chance to vote on Barbie's next profession. Your choices are Environmentalist, Surgeon, Architect, News Anchor, and Computer Engineer. Let's all remember that Barbie is 50 years old. So News Anchor is just not in the cards for her. Sure the B*tch looks great but at 50 she has got to be menopausal. Starting a new career at 50 is hard enough but one where you have to look good while your male 50 year old co-anchor can look like he's just rolled in from an all night bender while snacking on a chili dog is stretching it a bit much. Barbie WILL snap and it won't be pretty. I'm sure the her co-anchor Ken fatty-pants will be dismembered, slowly. Anyone want to speculate on what a Barbie computer engineer would look like?

I finally de-Christmasized my house on Saturday. I know I should have done it last weekend but I was lazy. I preferred to paint, read, drink, sleep, do laundry, wash the dog, pretty much anything then take down the garland and tree. Truly that is all I had up garland and a tree. I didn't go all crazy with the Christmas decorations. Which pretty much shows you how incredibly lazy I've been in 2010. I'm off to a banner year of laziness. Yay me!

Let's keep with the theme of Michele's weirdness. Remember the Natchez incident? Where I prove what a klutz I am. Well, I've one up'd that one. While playing racquetball on Thursday I went for the ball (placed, I might add, right in the corner) and ended up giving myself a black eye, bruised nose, scraped knee and jammed knuckle. I obviously have no sense of my surroundings or any self-preservation. No more dangerous sports for me. This edict includes: racquetball, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and most importantly walking the dogs.

That's it for me. Head over yonder to Keely's to rustle up a heaping bowl of randomness from others.



  1. WooHoo! 46th! At least it isn't 50th... And doesn't it make you all warm and fuzzy that your Master's Degree is worth so much? ;)

    Thank you for letting me not feel so alone in the Klutzy mode... >whew!< Glad I'm not the only one...and OUCH! You poor thing!

    Random Tuesday Trivia

  2. My social studies partner is starting her master program for library science. She wants to move from the classroom. I don't suppose teacher made even the top 100....

  3. Alright! Top 50! I checked for mine. Not even in the top 500. Now I need a drink.

  4. Cool, the top 50, 46 is great. I'm a geologist and so is Nick. Geologists were 32. Guess those years in school are worth it after all.

  5. Great job making the top 50. Your comments on Barbie made me laugh so hard. Thanks

  6. I would love to see what a computer engineer Barbie would look like. I'm a mechanical engineer and I've spent some time around other engineers. Our fashion sense (my included) leave something to be desired and how of mush has pretty awful haircuts.

    Happy Random Tuesday

  7. Contact racquet ball? Awesome. And hey, I have an interview with a library this week!

  8. Stopping by from the Un Mom…

    I used to work in a software company that did library automation. It was told to us that the most stressful job was software support and one of the least stressful was a librarian.

    Thank you for your randomness,

  9. You are not a klutz..raquetball is just a dangerous game. No more input will be shared.

    You made the list!! Woohoo! You made the list!!!

  10. Ha. I love your randomness.

    Barbie definitely needs to be a librarian. Then she'd be really perfect.

  11. What the hell is wrong with you? Stop hurting yourself! I think Barbie should just go all the way and be a streetwalker.

  12. I always thought being a librarian (or owning a bookstore) would be the best job ... surrounded by books seemed like heaven. My classroom always had LOTS of books and my friends point out all the books in my house and tell me I've made it my own personal library. Glad you got the holiday 'stuph' put away. I shared My Random Thoughts yesterday morning but didn't have a chance to visit because because I spent the day with my sister, so I'm playing 'catch up' today.
    Hugs and blessings,