Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RTT- Wacky Shaped Vegetable, Kibble, and Crowds

It's that day of the week. The day to round up all those stray ideas, thoughts, and half-formed blog posts and write them down. No order, no cataloging, no logical systematic way in which to categorize them. Holy crap! I'm not sure I can do that. Librarians love order. They love nothing better than to catalog something. Even my cookbooks are in a logical systematic categorize schema. This won't be pretty but forge on because it may be worth it. Life holds no guarantees.

Want to see others that deal with randomness better then a librarian? Click on the purply button. Keely's got plenty more.

TVP - textured vegetable protein.
Looks like kibble.
You won't be seeing this in any of my recipes.
You're welcome.

I've been looking for a grocery store like my beloved Sprouts in Phoenix with no luck. Then I came upon this place. It looked like Sprouts, it smelled like Sprouts, it had bins like Sprouts.

But most of the store was taken up with chairs. Why? It turns out that the bookstore that was going to host a cookbook signing was too small. They moved the venue. To my new store.

Turns out Ree Drummond from the Pioneer Woman blog was going to be signing books that day. I knew she was going to be in town but I thought that she was going to be at the bookstore up north. Not so much.

I took these pictures at 10:30 am. She was scheduled to be there at 1pm. Yep, that lady with the toddler planned to entertain that tot in a grocery store for 2 1/2 hours. Joy! Needless to say we didn't stick around for the festivities.

I did find this fantastic shaped potato so all was not lost.
I also found one the looked like it was flipping the bird.
That's the one JR wanted me to buy.

These people ROCK!

Volunteers preserve 150,000 historic court documents

Val Atwood

MACHIAS, Maine — It was a daunting task. One hundred boxes of unnamed materials and documents found in the attic, crawl spaces and closets of the Washington County Courthouse needed to be preserved.

I think I have enough Christmas postcards from the early 1900s to post one a day until the big day. Let the torture begin.

Now, go visit Keely and the rest of the bunch.



  1. Awwwww...the Christmas cards look so cute!!!i say bring it on!!:)

    Happy Randomness!! mine is up too:)

  2. I've never seen tvp before. I can't believe it's just....dry like that. How can that possible be tasty?

  3. That potato kinda looks like a butt.

  4. Hmmm - I must chime in and say I had no idea that is what TVP looks like and yes, the potato looks like a butt.

    Bring on the torture, er, Christmas cards! I can't wait!

  5. TVP? If one would perefer to eat it how would they ever use it?

    That line looks a little too long for me hours in advance!! I would not have stayed either!

  6. Oh, and don't feed it to your dog either…

    Oh boy, Christmas Cards… how festive.

    Thank you for your randomness,

  7. I'd stay in line with Sprite for 4 hours to meet Ree Drummond.
    Although I sat one table away from her at BlogHer and never got up the nerve, so I'd probably duck out of line before my turn was up. I'm wishy-washy.

  8. I love your Christmas cards! Keep on showing us!

    Can you imagine a blogger becoming so famous! I read about several lately.

    And the Julie and Julia show is based off a blog by Julie to recreate Julia's recipes.


  9. That's so odd that a book signing was brought into your store! I wouldn't have hung around either!

  10. I am glad you showed a cute Christmas postcard after your mentioned crawlspaces, because my mind started filling with visions of spiders.