Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Shopping Style is a bit Eclectic

I was walking down King Street in Charleston today after cutting class. Hey it was boring and they weren't talking about anything we could use on our digital library so it was wasting my time just sitting there trying not to yawn. So I left.

Oh, I could have gone back to my hotel room; fired up my laptop and gotten some work done but I didn't. I decided to do a little souvenir shopping. I try to bring something back for JR whenever I go out of town. Or, maybe pickup up a new shot glass for DIL's collection or some sort of edible for the student workers that do our digitization.

I haven't found anything for JR yet. DIL and the Oldest Boy are moving back up to Washington state soon so I don't want to mail anything until they get settled. The student workers, while they deserve whatever I can bring them, haven't finished the chocolates I brought back from San Francisco. So, souvenir shopping was a bit of a bust for me. That didn't stop me from buying things though.

Here's my afternoon of decadence.

My first purchase, which I didn't get a picture of, were some spiced and sugared pecans. These are not going to students. I have plans for these. Big plans. Plans that include pasta and sauces and desserts.

My second purchase was these shoes. I love them. They fit all my requirements for shoes. One, they are not leather. I try not to buy leather shoes. Two, they are plaid. I am a sucker for plaid. They are actually my third pair of plaid shoes. Third, they have velcro. I can slip them off and on with ease. I don't really like wearing shoes so being able to slip them off easily is a major bonus.

I got them at the Gap for kids. Aren't I a dork? I have kid size feet. I don't even wear the largest size of kids shoe. My toes are so small it is amazing that I can balance on those freakishly small things.

My third purchase was a new t-shirt. I felt that these were words to live by. Plus, the t-shirt is pink and this is breast cancer awareness month. A life plan and a good cause. Wow! You'd think I planned it that way. You'd be wrong. I just liked the alcohol reference and the brightly colored parrot. I'm simple like that.

I wanted to buy these earrings but when I sent a picture of them to The Boy he thought they were silly. Of course, they are silly. If they weren't I would hardly be interested in them. I may still go back for them. What do you think? Don't you think they would add a touch of whimsy to my librarian outfits?

That completed my afternoon of playing hooky. Tomorrow I won't be so lucky. I'll be in workshops for the whole day. You all have a nice day today. I'll try to get around to visit. If not today then definitely tomorrow.



  1. Hey you, stop skipping school or I'm telling! I love those shoes and I'm jealous that you can actually buy shoes that small. I'm a size ten which is basically clodhopper sized.

  2. I love the flamingo earrings; they're fun! I say go back and get them!

  3. Sounds like a great afternoon. I love the t-shirt! We won't even talk about my shoe size.

  4. Dang the shoes are cute. I was so sad when I read that they were kids only. My feet are decidedly not kids sized. My 18 year old daughter would snap those up in a second too.

    GET THE EARRINGS. You know you will regret it you don't. Have a great time in your workshops.

  5. I would dig a pair of those earrings. I mean I could only wear one of them, but well, you know. Just sayin't. Cheers Michele!!

  6. Love the shoes. And definitely go back and get those earrings!!!

  7. From the look of the souveniers, you could be in Florida!

  8. Sounds like a really nice day of being alone. Cute shoes.
    I have the same problem with tiny wrists; I can't find bracelets without going all kiddy.

  9. still can't believe you passed up the bobble kitty in SF. So not only do you have to go back to get the flamingo earrings, you gotta get me a pair, too :-).
    Shooze = hilarious!!!

  10. My oldest daught has tiny feet. She gets to buy the coolest shoes!


  11. You are a wild woman!

    I like that shirt, and I am hopeless for dangly earrings.

  12. Hey, I went shopping yesterday Calcutta. Spent way too much. Sounds impressive in rupees....thousand and thousands of rupees!!!

  13. I say get the earrings - I love silly, too.

    I also have small feet; they don't quite qualify as freakishly small - I wear a 5 1/2 to a 6 - but they look freakishly small because the rest of my body is definitely NOT freakishly small.


  14. You must buy those earrings. Too cute.

  15. My wife fits into kids clothing as well. I mix up her socks with the boys.

  16. Oh, I want to go shopping with you -- and luckily there were several pairs of those earring because otherwise we'd have a fight on our hands.

  17. I got my daughter a pair of pink flamingo earrings once. She never wore them. LOL I tought they were totally cute.

  18. I love that you skipped school. I was always a bit believer in a little skipping.

    Buy the earrings if they make you happy. Life's too short to worry about what others think.