Friday, October 16, 2009

Charleston Historical Society; one of the best hours I've ever spent

The fabulousness that is my friend Julie said; "Michele, you must stop into the Charleston Historical Society store."

I usually do what Julie tells me to do because she is brilliant. She proved it once again.

This was so much fun. I spent and I spent. I spent time and I spent a bit of money. More time then money, thank heavens.

Lovely huh?
I can't resist a Historical Society Shop.
See the pretty blue soup tureen on the table?
I lust for it.

I totally drooled over this blueware.
There is nothing sadder than a 50 year old woman standing in
front of shelves of china drooling
like a eight month old teething baby.
That small oval platter top center next to the square bowl?
It called to me. me.
Buy me now.
I resisted.
It was hard.

Then I hit the cookbooks.
Lord, help me
These salespeople know.
They just know,
I can't resist a cookbook.
Isn't it funny?
I couldn't find a Low Country Vegetarian cookbook.

Then I saw these!
And I laughed my ass off.
And immediately thought of Becky.
She has rules for this kind of thing.
Though she has never codified them,
Charlotte Hays and Gayden Metcalfe did it for her.
Wasn't that nice of them?
So thoughtful.

I'm from the Pacific Northwest where hosting the
perfect funeral involves micro-brew beer
and baked salmon.
Weddings are performed on mountains,
beside rivers and in wildflower gardens.
I don't think I've actually been to a wedding with a punch bowl.
We did go to a couple of Jewish weddings that included
some sort of chicken dinner and open bars.
That was cool.

I'm not sure if this counts as a Spin for the Spin Cycle hosted by Sprite's Keeper but if I ask real nice she may let me slide on this one. So what do you say Jen? Spin or no Spin?

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  1. It counts! And I want to read the funeral one, it just sounds like such a lark! My mother would be swooning over their teapots. You're linked!

  2. I love Charleston. It has been way too long since I've been there. I once read a book (fiction) about a gal from Charleston who wore a gardenia around her neck on her wedding. So I did the same thing.

  3. Aren't those Southern Ladies' guides great? Some fabulous long-time local ladies told me about Charleston weddings that cost over a million dollars - yup, a MILLION!! Way more than Savannah weddings, and it didn't seem to matter that the couples often split up after a few years. It was that million dollar blow-out that counted. Heck, for that, you could BUY the microbrewery and have weddings and funerals every weekend.

  4. I would love to go to that store. Great photo post.

  5. Oh. My. GAWD. I would have joined you in the droolin'. Oh, yes I would have.

  6. I would have been a goner too! I walk into an antique store and cream myself. Of course, I have no reason to buy antiques, they go with absolutely NOTHING in my my house. Yet, it is important to buy an antique salt cellar that clashes with everything in your kitchen.

  7. Books and blueware with a touch of history thrown in - what's not to love about that combination? Lucky you!

  8. I was in Charleston last summer and LOVED it! I can see why you got stuck in there.

  9. Oh man, I'm with you on the blueware.....dribble, dribble

  10. Being Dead really is no excuse, at least not in the South. It's true! :)

    That blue dish was lovely, I wouldn't have had the strength. You should see if you can find a good replica on ebay...probably a whole lot better priced!

  11. Being Dead Is No Excuse. Hahhahhahha!

    I bet Becky has read those.

  12. I had to laugh and laugh! I also would have loved to be there.


  13. Ha! Oh lord, I have to get those books! I cracked up at the "Someone is going to die if Lily Beth doesn't catch that bouquet."

    I do need to codify my own rules. No more excuses!

    And the blueware is SO dreamy!

  14. Oh and Michele Renee, I LOVE the gardenia idea. It matched the parasol you carried, you Southern belle!

  15. I LOVE the blueware! I wanted that stuff for my wedding so badly, never got it. Beautiful