Friday, September 18, 2009

Houdini Advertising Posters

Where did I get this cool stuff? I found it on the American Memory Project published by my good friends at the Library of Congress.

Did you know that all the books in the Library of Congress burned in the war of 1812 and Thomas Jefferson sold the government his library at Monticello to replace it? (let's forget for a moment that he was broke and needed the money pretty badly at this time.) Many in Congress were not happy with the purchase because they couldn't understand why they would ever need science and philosophy books to run the country.

Maybe, if more of our politicians would spend a little more time reading and a little less time watching their poll numbers, Fox news (oxymoron if you ask me) and sucking up to lobbyists our country might be a little better off. Sorry, end of rant.

Now, the Library of Congress collects one of every published and some unpublished works they can get their hands on. Wouldn't it be fun to browse their shelves?



  1. Who needs books? We have Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin. Cheers Michele!!

  2. I have nothing funny to say. That is so interesting about Congress opposing books. I love learning anything about books.

    Fox News: oxymoron. that's funny. :)

  3. As long as I have access to a bathroom and food, I would stay in there forever.

  4. I can't believe their entire collection burned down and they just bought a replacement. That's pretty cool and I dig Jefferson's taste.

  5. As far as I can tell, the government still feels it doesn't need books on philosophy and science to run the country. Harumph.

  6. I would live in the Library of Congress if I could. It's my idea of heaven.

    Ah! Another Fox news hater! I knew I loved you!

  7. If you hadn't invaded Canada you'd still have all those books.

    Houdini looks like Christopher Walken.

  8. Wow, those are incredible. I love this stuff!

  9. Yes, I would love to browse those shelves.