Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RTT - Does wanting to kill marketers make me a bad person?

So Keely from the Un-Mom is on vacation this week but is that any reason not to do a (rant) Random Thoughts Tuesday. I DON'T THINK SO! How else am I going to (vent) express myself in a (maniacal) reasonable way? Totally rhetorical question.

Buck up everyone. How bad can it be. Don't answer that! Just read.

Seriously! Who can I kill over the new Baskin-n-Robbins commercial that is running on HGTV? That commercial can not be more annoying if it tried. Truly, it makes me want to reach into the TV and strangle someone. Really anyone.

While the house that we rent is kind of a POS (interpreted for those of not U.S. extraction; Piece of Shit. Like you didn't all ready know. I'm giving an old gentleman hurruffn on this one ) the landlords are great. They got right on the roof and ceiling repairs. Sure, we put up with a week of repairs but the kitchen and breakfast room have never looked better. Considering that the kitchen is still circa 1980 Ollie did a terrific job. After a complete cleaning to rid the place of that thin layer of drywall dust I couldn't be happier. Well, I could be but I just don't seem to be wining the lottery any time soon.

One of the things I like about living Houston, TX is the lushness of the plants. We planted these as starter plants (about 6 inches tall) about 8 weeks ago (maybe less). Now, look at them.

Hibiscus are like weeds around here. I'm going to be painting this.
Jen (SK), you want the results?

I've placed 3 wind chimes around the back door.
The summer breezes keep these things singing all day long.

How great is that?

Of course, the plants are so lush because the place is SO hot and humid.
Jeez, I thought Phoenix was bad.
I guess it really doesn't matter whether it is 115 and 23% humity or 96 and 63% humity.
FYI, next weekend JR and I are putting in our kiddie swimming pool container vegetable gardens. We purchased 3 pools on Sunday. We are now into the garden for the tune of $31.50.
I'll be sure to document it for ya'll. (Texas talk. I'm trying to fit in).

Saturday was the 40th anniversary of the Beatles's Abbey Road album. Yeah, so I remember when it came out. I was only 10. Anyhoo, people, (who don't even remember when it came out because they weren't even born!!!), are like freaking out. Okay, I'm a big Beatles fan (I'd DO the live ones. The dead ones......not so much. Ewwww.... and maybe not Ringo. I never was much of a Ringo fan) but even I wouldn't snarl traffic in order to celebrate this album. Get a life people!

So that is my random thoughts for this Tuesday. The rest of you may have totally more important things to talk about but bullshit. The rest of you are on your own. HA! Like I'd leave you all alone.

Head over to Keely's place, even though she's on vacation I bet there are some random thoughts floating around.



  1. I never have anything important to talk about. I come here to exercise my gray matter. The plants are lookin' good. Cheers Michele

  2. Vegetable gardens in kiddie pools??? Egads, I'm keeping Beloved away from here. I made him dig, like, actual holes in the ground. He'll kill me if he finds out all he had to do was fill kiddie pools full of dirt!

  3. Aw, your P.O.S. house looks adorable from the outside -- and I'm impressed at your gardening skills. But I really hope you rethink the Ringo thing. I mean, have you gotten a good look at him lately? He's aged wonderfully and really looks pretty sexy. And he seems happy and content, too. Give him another chance!

  4. I have not seen the Baskin Robbins commercial...but it must be bad; how do you make Ice Cream a bad thing?

    I am with you on the Beatles thing. I rarely get caught up in celebrity hype. Other than the 'New Kids on the Block'. I AM KIDDING. Well, not about the Beatles.

    Humidity sucks. But does give you great plants and skin. Too completely related things. This comment is from a crazy person. ;)

  5. Please? Pretty please? With a hibiscus on top?

  6. I only first saw that kiddie pool vegetable garden today, somewhere around the blogosphere. I have one rotting on the back porch so I might use it to plant with the kids.

    So I haven't seen that Baskin Robbins commercial but I'm sure it's mucho annoyingo. Kinda like me putting an "o" on the end of the word annoying. Do you have the Olive Garden commercial there? I want to punch that stupid asshole kid in the face every time I see it.

  7. Guess I've not seen the B-R commercial. Gotta luv DVRs to skip over those annoying bits of advertising, right? Love your lush plants but wouldn't like the hear or humidity. Oh my gosh ... where did the last 40 years go? I was considerably older than 10 when the White Album hit the scene ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Don't get HGTV so haven't seen the commercial. I'm curious now.

    Remember Abbey Road? Hell, yeah.

    And I think the humidity is worse than the heat. And I'm not saying 'cause it's 'dry heat' like people who haven't been there say but humidity sucks.

  9. for me, it's the BK tiny hands commercial. i just don't get it... lol have a great one :)

  10. I heard about that Abbey Road thing.
    Have a Wonderful Tuesday!

  11. Your yard is looking beautiful! And to have a weeds that were made of your flowers would make my day. I slave over my plants and they never look like that!


  12. Hmm. Which do I hate more? Houston humidity or Wisconsin ice and snow? I remember changing clothes three times a day my first few weeks of college (at Rice). The humidity was the worst I had ever experienced and I went to high school in the Panama Canal Zone.

    Yet, as I remind my husband as I beg him to move to Texas, you do not have to shovel heat. AND you can get decent Mexican food in Texas, which you cannot in Wisconsin.

  13. I love the idea of Random Thoughts Tuesdays and don't know why I don't join in - it's like Wordless Wednesday; by the time I remember, I've posted something. I really must get better at this blogging - I've been so off kilter lately. Love your plants - it may be hot now but you'll have a much nicer winter than I for sure *sigh*

  14. I love the photos - all my flowers are dead.

    Have a great tuesday (and doesn't everyone hate marketers?).

  15. Those plants look really terrific. I like the random shit you spew.