Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It pays to have librarian friends

Librarians spend a good deal of their day looking up stuff. It's our job. We're trained to do it. We actually get masters degrees is looking up stuff. A job ad usually reads: Must be good at looking up weird and obscure stuff.

Julie and I have a motto: We're librarians, if we can't find your don't need it.

Sometimes in our search for stuff we come across silly and funny stuff. My librarian friend Julie is the queen of finding silly things. She promptly sends them off to me. This is her latest find. It cracked me up.

Knowing how some twitter addicts tweet every time they pour a glass of water or walk across a room the fact that twitter went down must have been devastating. By the way, what is that all about? Every time you have a thought in your head it doesn't need to be tweeted. Seriously, give some of us a break.

Hope you get as big of a kick out of this as we did.



  1. Ha...Twitter, Nazis, and Dead Dogs. This video has it all Baby!! Very Funny. Cheers Michele!!

  2. I've seen that Hitler sketch before. Graham is sitting here asking me who that man is. Did you notice that his dog's name was Blondie? Hah.

  3. I've seen it too, only he was ranting about something else; I wish I could remember what it was.

    I have a twitter account; I never use it. I have trouble remembering that it's there.

  4. That's actually a really good movie (The Downfall).

  5. I can't see it at work (not that I'm there...) but I completely understand the Twitter issues. There are some who will tweet about what they're making for dinner and as they add ingredients. I block those people, mostly because I can't cook as well, and it's causing me anxiety.

  6. Glad ya'll liked this one - there are gobs of different Hitler sketches on Youtube. Bw careful watching the digital camera rant - could result in keyboard spew and/or cracked ribs from laughing.

  7. Very entertaining.

    You librarians have way too much fun.

  8. That was so funny! I need to spend more time on twitter to see who I need to be avoiding. Actually, the fact that I'm not on twitter that much tells me I'm already avoiding them.

    Thanks for the laughs today.

  9. HA HA HA That was wayyyyyyyyy coool!

    Thanks, my afternoon needed that!


  10. Dropping in to say HI from Veg Mamma! Thanks for being a follower!

  11. I have a plan for stopping twitty tweeters but I need some start up capital. Hmm, maybee I should twitter that.