Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RTT - Let's take a drive to the beach

I'm so lame I actually forgot to put the button on my Random Tuesday Thoughts. Then again I also forgot to mention that RTT is Random Tuesday Thoughts and that it host by Keely of the Un Mom fame. So like here's the button:


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I'm posting everything for the this week over the weekend. On Thursday I'm flying up to Chicago for the American Library Association annual conference. I'm planning 5 fun filled days of meetings, sessions, and professional networking. If life is good and the vendors are generous I'll be giving away books after the 16th.

JR and I were driving home from the beach in our 14 year old POS Mercury Sable

(hey, it's paid for). Here is a snippet of our conversation

JR: There's a Sable

Me: Uh uh (barely looking up from my book because damn It's a car).

JR: It's considerably newer than ours.

As we pass the car in question I notice that the driver is a very elderly woman (or it probably was, all I could really see were knuckles and white hair) and the passenger is a very very elderly and sleepy man. We passed the car because they were driving about 20 miles an hour under the speed limit as the elderly are want to do.

Me: OMG, we're driving a grandma and grandpa car!

JR: chuckling

Me: We need to buy a new car as soon as possible. What car screams "midlife crises" the loudest?

JR: Anything other than what we are driving. I think he heard what he wanted.

To the Brown Recluse Spider that bit The Boy on Saturday:

Are you proud of yourself? There he was sleeping in his own bed. Not threatening you at all but you had to go ahead a bite him anyway. You little F*&ker! Now, The boy is laying on my sofa, sucking down antihistamine and aspirin, and elevating the foot you bit. The whole right side of his body hurts, he can barely swallow because his tongue has swollen and the headache you inflicted is excruciating.

FYI, JR has sprayed around the whole house; inside and out. You and your buddies are done for. I am not feeling sorry for you. I hope your death is painful; you 8 legged bastard.

The obviously over-protected and pissed off mother

I'm very conflicted I do not want to be a cooking blog. There are enough of those out there. Unfortunately, I have about 10 different recipe posts ready to be uploaded. About 4 times a week I make a dinner that qualifies as blog worthy. Since blogger hates me and will not allow me to add a page (or I'm too lazy too figure it out). I will have to start a whole new blog in order to post these on a separate page. I have resisted for a long time but I think I will have to get my own website and do some coding. I hate coding. Even something as easy as html. Coding makes me want to drink (shut up. Not everything makes me WANT to drink. Most of the time it's a choice).

My sister-in-law is from Peru which makes English her second language. It shows. Even after years of speaking English she makes the most wonderful mistakes. Her use of metaphors is legendary. Here's an example:

"He is so nice and so generous he'll take the shirt off your back."

Now, that is enough out of me; go on, read some of the other randomness over at Keely's shop. Or as my sister-in-law says: Spread out.



  1. Glad to see you gave the spider and his crew a serious ass-whooping! If we were supposed to like them and not kill them they would have pretty lights like a Christmas tree and not bite!

  2. Spiders are the worst - I think a death sentence is appropriate.

    (The way I have multiple pages on blogger is to make multiple blogs and link them to each other - kinda of a cheat.)

    Have a great Tuesday.

  3. Toni: serious ass-whooping has commenced.

    K: I'm probably going to have to resort to cheating since I don't think my liver can take another bout of coding.

  4. OMG, actually getting bit makes my black widow story from last week seem like nothing. I hope The Boy feels better soon, that's scary shiznit.

    I don't see yours as a cooking blog, just a regular cool blog with some cooking mixed in. Have a fun trip this week!

  5. Yes, please start a cooking blog. I'll read faithfully.

  6. I, too, am considering a food/cooking blog; in fact, I've purchased a domain. My biggest problem with that is I waste enough time on the one blog I already have; if I start up another (or two; I've designed a diet blog, too, but we won't go there right now) Beloved may very well kill me.

    The brown recluse spider? Needs to die a prolonged, agonizing death. Did The Boy go to the doctor? I've hear those bites can be nasty.

  7. Spiders are icky icky icky icky and they need to die die die die. Gah! I hope the boy feels better soon. Keep us posted.

    Oh and if you want a two seater affordable mid life crisis car, look at the Saturn Sky. My mom's mid life crisis car of choice.

  8. M, So sorry about the spider bite. Sounds horrible and you are not overly protective. I hope the spiders die miserable deaths and your son is feeling better soon.

    And PLEASE either start a recipe blog or just post some of your wonderful recipes here!

  9. Brown recluse spiders are scary! I hope your boy is better soon. And I hope the spider is suffering and dying.

    And I love your line about it is a damn car. I so relate.

  10. I was giggling about the car (because I drove one) and then you go and scare the crap outta me with that spider. Must shower now.

  11. I wouldn't have know what a recluse spider was and actually as soon as I close this page, I will have forgotten. My feeble mind is aging.

  12. Oh, your poor boy! Spider bites are the worst. No one would accuse you of overprotective there.

    Love your sister-in-law's English. It seems so elegant and vulnerable.
    Great random post!

  13. Ack! Damn spiders! I hope he feels better soon and that little eight legged fiend ends up on the bottom of someone's shoe.

  14. Oh no! Poor baby! Dh got bitten by a brown recluse in Albania. He was miserable for weeks! Hope your boy is feeling better soon.

  15. OMG OMG OMG OMG did you have to post a visual?? That poor guy.

    You can post your recipes and publish them with ancient dates, tag them all 'recipes' and then have a sidebar link that links to that tag, if you don't want to make a whole new blog. Hard for people to search within that, though.

  16. LOL...I think we need a new blog just dedicated to your SIL's quotes...that is funny stuff!

    Happy RTT!

  17. My daughter once cried her eyes out b/c she thought I killed a daddy long leg. For once I had not, took me an hour to prove it to her.

    I personally kill every one I see in my home

  18. That spider stuff is more than serious. I have a hole in my arm from a bite from a cousin from the brown recluse.

    You give them hell, they need to live out in the desert somewhere!


  19. Eww! Spiders!

    You should start a group blog on cooking. That way you aren't the only one responsible for it!

    I'm game if you want help! I got tons of recipes and tips. I'll be the meat person and you can be the veggie!! Send me an email and we'll conspire!

  20. Oh my gosh! the spider!! SO scary! I hate them. Kill them all.

  21. I am so impressed that you make blog worthy dinners 4 nights a week. I won't tell my family, they'll show up at your door.

  22. Sorry 'bout son's spider bite, poor guy! Let us know how he's doing. And be careful out there!

    As for the car. Please don't get a Prius or anything else that runs on last week's cooking oil or unicorn farts. Just don't. Get another truck. A big one. With twirly hub caps and maybe a gun rack. FOR THE SPIDERS!!

  23. Hope your son is doing OK--those bites can be horrible.

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