Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick 4th Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend or Canada day or just the weekend. Ours was fairly uneventful. Just a nice quiet 3 dayer.

Here is how it shaped up.

JR and I drove down to Corpus Christi to get a little beach time. It is a 3 hour drive but well worth it. The water is very warm which amazed us. We're from the Seattle area originally. When you drive 3 hours to get to an actual beach you don't get in the water. Unless of course, you want to freeze you feet off. The rule about wading in the Pacific Ocean on the Washington beaches is "once your feet are numb you're good to go deeper". Not the case here in Texas. The water is warm, the sand is soft and the sky is blue. I'll post pics later this week when I get off my lazy rear end and upload them from my camera.

Was our lazy day (most all days for me are lazy but on the weekends I like to suck JR into the vortex). We started out how we start every Saturday; sitting on the back patio drinking coffee. JR will be reading a book and lazily throwing the ball for Nessa. Her ball OCD knows no bounds. I will be painting with my little watercolour set.

I picked up this travel watercolour set in Austin, TX when I was bored at a conference and I love love love it. I plan to take it with me to Chicago this week. Though I doubt I'll have much time for painting. Here is this weekend's art project:

It is my interpretation of a work by Maurice de Vlaminck called View of the Seine. I sort of like how it turned out.

Sunday: was spent doing another two favorite things, shopping for computer stuff and cooking. I scored some onions at a farm stand on the way home from Waco last week. So what does one do with several pounds of onions? Why, caramelize them. I now have enough caramelized onions for french onion soup and stuffed portabella mushrooms for dinners this week. Yummy! I'll post pics of this also. See lazy ass statement above.

I also bought one of these:
My new little baby is an HP Mini. 10.1 inches of fun. Uhhhh...IRS agent this computer is work related and I will be taking it off on my taxes. Thankyouverymuch.

This ought to make conference going less of a hassle.

So that pretty much takes care of my weekend. Just got back from taking JR to the airport for his week long working stint in Dallas and I best get ready for work. Have to pay for the little baby computer I just bought.

What did you do over the weekend?


PS. Lest, you forget it is Meatless Monday today. The day to resist meat in favor of yummy meatless goodies. Because, really! Didn't you have enough over the weekend?


  1. I partied and worked. And ate...alot. Mmmmmm, stuffed mushrooms. Fan the smell my way. Cheers Michele!!

  2. We drove down to Amish country (and played "We Can Afford That!") and we ate. A LOT. Some things you'd approve of, but some things you wouldn't.

    But that pig? He gave his life for a good cause. Yummmmmm, yuuuuuuuummm.

  3. We did stuff around the house, relaxed a little, partied with friends on the the Fourth and I worked yesterday. Realtors work when people are available....

  4. We rode our bikes down to Mill Ave. to watch the fireworks for free. Great, great fireworks display, and easy going to and from on bikes - no no waiting in crowds or traffic. Weather was nice, too. "Cooled" down to around 95° by 9 pm with a teensy bit of breeze.

    Love the new painting!

  5. The painting is awesome!

    We travelled out of hot ol Arkansas and seen my sibs from the Twin Cities. Attempting to recover from too much vacation!!! lol

  6. Oh, that computer looks sweet; let us know how it works out.
    Warm water sounds heavenly to me. Here in New England we're still into the numbing feet thing.

  7. So, you got a little laptop, huh? Mine is a Dell, I call it Sparky. I lu-huv it almost as much as you love your picture.
    I think it's time for another picture give away as long as I win it. :-)

  8. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without my HP. I love it! Not the mini so you are cooler than me..but you already were. :)

  9. Yay for a nice relaxing beach weekend! We're about 30 min from the beach (and I grew up in Clearwater) but we never go since packing up the kids just to have a meltdown the second we got there doesn't seem worth it. In a couple of years, I'll be all over it.

    I love your painting, it's beautimus! Congrats on the computer too.... ours is a Dell and I'm in love.