Friday, July 24, 2009

It's No Wonder the Boy Was a Slacker

It's genetic. He gets it from his mother. Sure, he may look like his dad but he gets his incredible laziness from me. *sniff* I couldn't be more proud. Want proof of this genetic abnormality? What should have been his sophomore year was spent on my couch (*cough cough re-focusing on his future. cough cough) slacking. Oh sure, in the last few years he's more than made up for it whereas I on the other hand have a terminal case.

I imagine that there is some sort of self-help book out there on how to stop slacking but I'm just too sloth like to find it. Is there a government agency that will not only find the help I need but will also sign me up, drive me there and then at the end of the course go to rehab for me? Notice I didn't say take me to rehab. I don't think I could summon the energy after the coursework to actually show up at more meetings. So exhausting, sigh****

Anyway, this post wasn't supposed to air my dirty laundry (which I have piles and piles of, btw) but to thank anyone and everyone who has given me a blog award that I may have not acknowledged, followed the rules on, or any other thing I should have been doing but haven't. Excuses, excuses!

Keeping all that above in mind, I've received awards from kind and wonderful bloggy friends in the past and it seems to take me months in order to get around to acknowledging them. No, it is not because I'm Big Time and can't be bothered with the little people (I AM the little people). It's because I'm a certified slacker. In fact, if there was a doctorate degree in slacking I'd be speaking at someone's commencement ceremony. That is if I could get my butt off the couch. Isn't that what webcams are for?

So if you have given me an award in the last few months. Thank you! Really, I mean that. I'm not just saying it. I'm just sort of a lazy ass and haven't dealt with it.

I did actually save one. (Sandy, Thank you again). So I'll say thank you and pass it on to whoever wants it. Ahhh...remember slacker here? I can't be expected to actually chose people to give it to or follow rules. That would be so exhausting.

Anyway, If I haven't acknowledged a blog award from you please don't think its because I don't care. It is only that I tend to be horribly lazy. In lieu of posting them here I'll just do an all encompassing; Thank You truly!!!!

Oh and if you have never given me one; Thank you. You've saved me from having to post them, linking them, follow some kind of guidelines, then feel guilty because I couldn't find the gumption to do all that. Saving me from pouring another glass of wine to drown out the nasty little voices in my head that hammer away at me to, at the very least say thank you. If I'm going to pour that second glass I want it to be because I want to enjoy it not because I'm using it as a crutch. Uhhhh.that's right... it's enjoyment.

Gawd! I'm such an ingrate. Now, I need another glass of wine.

What do you mean I can't have one at 6:39 am? It's got to be 5pm somewhere.



  1. LMAO - if it makes you feel any better, I have a couple of awards that I REALLY need to acknowledge and pass on. Heck, the last time I dealt with this same subject, I took the easy route and made up my own awards so I wouldn't have to list the ones I'd received in the last few months and pass them on.

    OH - Beloved and I had a rousing game of "We Can Afford That!" on our way to Indiana yesterday. We passed one place that I was so disappointed because I couldn't get a picture of to send you. It had to be the most affordable dwelling I've ever seen!

  2. Oh, this made me laugh and feel so much better. I'm following so many wonderful bloggers that I easily lose track of stuff. I've remembered a meme tag or blog award, but can't refind it!

  3. Slacker sons in their early 20's?? Isn't that an oxymoron?
    You are a riot!

  4. Sometimes the couch is a great way to find your lot on life. I think I spent a few years in my early twenties doing the same thing and look at me now! Completely normal!
    (If my mom reads this, I'm in deep goop..)
    How about some cheese to go with that wine? :-)

  5. If you ask me, and nobody did, this award stuff has gotten waaaay out of hand. But any I have sent out were totally gen-u-ine.

  6. I love awards, but I never follow the rules. People still give them though.

  7. Awards and memes are time consuming, but the worst part is trying to decide who to 'give' it to or who to 'tag'. I usually have too many ideas for blog posts and too little time to write them all to worry much about awards and stuff, but you know I still like them anyway.... and I love that cute panda. Possum will love it too as pandas are one of her favourites.

  8. Aww, it's nice to meet a fellow slacker. I've gotten quite a few awards (I'm not bragging) that I never did anything with and don't plan to now.

  9. I never acknowledge any awards that I get, but I have a very good reason. I never receive any. Lousy Bastards. Cheers!!

  10. I'm pretty sure I passed on an award to you that had "drink a glass of wine" in the rules, so you're good.

    Or if I didn't, I should have. But, y'know, slacker here too.