Thursday, July 16, 2009

Children's book Giveaway!

The vendors were not as generous this year at ALA as they have been in the past. Obviously, a sign of our current economy. I did score this adorable children's book. It is signed by the author (sorry, he signed it to me). He is the author and the illustrator and a very nice man to boot.

If you want it leave a comment that you do. I'll be picking the winner on Wednesday next week. I'm pretty sure I'll use some scientific random quantifiable method of picking the winner. Name out of a hat on a drunken Tuesday night usually works for me. Anyone got a problem with that?


PS: if you are from anywhere outside of the U.S. and Canada I'm going to have to disqualify you. The shipping would probably wipe me out. I'm really sorry but I blame the post office, the bad economy, my bank that won't credit millions of dollars into my account then graciously forget about it, and the fact that I haven't won the lottery even though I never buy a ticket. Shouldn't this be intuitive?


  1. Cute-looking book!

    You don't need to put my name in the hat - we have no small children right now, and the grandson that is due in early September won't be reading for at least six months. :P

  2. Count me in on the kiddie book lottery, but Michele...Where's the carmelized onions? I was told there would be carmelized onions!! Cheers!!

  3. Pick me! Pick me! I love the cover. Beautiful!

  4. No! Mine! I feel this is owed to me! I didn't win the painting and had to pay the chili powder forward! AUGH!
    Stepping down from crazy...
    What a beautiful illustration on the cover. I would be charmed to have won this piece of literature and my daughter would be delighted to learn of it's contents within.
    (Enter me.)

  5. Reasons to pick me:
    I follow you like a dog.
    I LOVE librarians. Quietly.
    I LOVE LOVE children's books and always will.
    I love any books.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE children's books illustrations.

    I think that pretty much sums it up.


  6. Awww, a book signed to the famous librarian, sign me up! My kids love books, btw. We have somewhere in the 200 range and read a crapload of books daily. You'd be proud.

    Also, sign me up for the drunken drawing, I'll be hopped up on Vicodin next week (tomorrow is my reverse boob job) so what's a few beers gonna hurt?

  7. Now that would be cool for my stash of books. I like to keep all sorts of books for the grandkids to read. Books of all ages and subjects.

    Please enter my name. Thanks!

    Linda a chuckle. My word verification to post to your site today was ponshi PONZI? maybe!

  8. I love children's books (and I happen to have a child at the moment).

    Please enter me.


  9. Hehe, those topiary birdies are just too darn cute! I vote for a drawing, drunken or not, wherein you dispatch to the winners house a hedge sculpting maestro to have his way with the shrubbery. With beer. Or maybe just the beer by itself. I'm not picky.

  10. I have five littles that would love this book! Thanks for entering me. :)

  11. I would like to visit High Line in New York City and see the actual garden. Please include me in the drawing.


  12. Cute book - my daughter would love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

    ladyufshalott at

  13. Be sure and draw the name (hopefully mine) before you put the hat on your head. My grandson turns three in September. He really needs this book from his grandma who loves to read to him on the very rare occasions that she gets to see him. I would rather present it in person, but if I can't, he will certainly get it in the mail.

    Thank you,


  14. I have three young grandsons who would love this book! Thank you!
    Carol M
    mittens0831 AT

  15. It looks like such a cute book! I'd love to win it!

  16. I've heard wonderful things about this book - and it's just so CUTE! Would love to win it for my young nephew. Okay, so I'd read it first, but it would get to him eventually! Please enter me!


  17. Would love to get this for my daughter!

    And I've linked to this post in my sidebar...

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  18. I'd love to win this -- I need some new material for my niece! Thanks for the chance!

    geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

  19. Cute book.


  20. Pick me, pick me! The Veggie toddler would love it! :)

  21. I would love the chance to win this book. My daycare kiddos would love it..

    Thanks for the chance

    itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com