Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6 Things I learned in Chicago

This was the sunrise view from my hotel

I learned some fabulous things in Chicago this past weekend. Very important part of being a librarian, learnin'. Want to hear about some of the things I learned in Chi town?

1. The cab drivers are unfriendly maniacs. They have two speeds. Fast and stop. They jackrabbit from the traffic lights then slam on their brakes at the next traffic light. They are not friendly. They barely say a word to you. There is not a Chatty Cathy in the bunch.

2. When a sales lady where you just bought your husband a Cubs t-shirt on Wacker drive and Michigan tells you that the nearest bookstore is only a few blocks up Michigan Ave, "it's an easy walk, dear", don't believe her. It is a really really long walk past Saks, Nieman Marcus, and Nordstroms. I can prove this with my credit card statement. The bookstore is actually across the street from Macy's and the Water Tower. Turns out it is 11 blocks or about 2 miles. After the 5 miles I had walked earlier this was 2 miles too many. I took a scary cab back to the hotel.

3. Downtown Chicago restaurants are thieves. When a portabella mushroom burger, fries, and 2 glasses of wine makes a $30 bill, not including tip. Thank you very much!. That is what I call thievery. Cup of coffee (not at Starbleechs) $3, microwaved egg & cheese croissant $7, pasta thing with grilled veggies, $19 (does not come with a salad). I shot through a couple of hundred bucks pretty quick.

4.The best thing about the Navy Pier. Your looking at it. The view is fantastic. Enuf said!

5. The best art supply stores (yes, my credit card took yet another hit here) are right next to the lovely Art Institute. A must see BTW! Not the art store, the art museum. The grounds are also quite lovely.

6. The number one best thing I did in Chicago was........wait for it.......Taking the evening Architectural boat tour on the Chicago river. Go to the one below the Michigan street bridge. Our tour guide was getting his Masters in History and really knew his stuff. It was $22 well spent.

There you have it. I'm still recovering so don't expect much out of me until next week. I would have kept in better touch while I was gone but the cost for internet access at our hotel was $13 a day plus tax. More than breakfast but less than lunch. I had to eat you know.

I have a Friday Foodie coming up. This Friday is Carmelized Onions. Oh Yeah!!!!


Oh I forgot. If you are interested in contributing a recipe or two to the new blog please email it to me. I'm collecting them.


  1. Thanks for the highlights of Chicago! Been through there a couple times but never stopped. My trucker husband does not like driving through Chicago so........

    Food blog? When did I miss that?

  2. Looks like you had a blast aside from the ungodly high prices for everything. $13 for internet?!? Geez... But I do still love Chicago!

  3. Wow...The prices you incurred blow, but the pictures are really nice. Love the sunrise. I'll send you a few recipes. Cheers and Welcome Home, Michele!!

  4. I have never been there so this was really neat. For me, I always associate big citys with lots of money. But the stuff you can see and the stuff you can learn is just amazing.

    Thanks for the tour! I appreciated it very much!


  5. We went to visit a client in a Chicago suburb last fall, and Beloved refused to take me through downtown Chicago. He said the traffic was awful and I wasn't missing anything anyway.

    Excuse me, I have to go smack a spouse. I'll be back later.

  6. Did you leave me a message? Is it scrawled on the wall? I can't wait!

  7. Looked like a fun, though expensive trip. I've only been there once and I never got out of O'Hare so it doesn't really count.

  8. I loved your photos and the notes along with are quite humorous.

    I've never been to Chicago but would love to go someday.

  9. Beautiful pictures.

    Sounds like a great trip, overpriced food and scary cabs aside.

  10. What??? You didn't make a pilgrimage to the American Girls Doll Shop??? Gad, why do I SEND you on these junkets, anyway??

    Total score on the art supplies and the buildings by boat tour. What a cool idea! Love the flowers, too.

  11. Those prices sound fairly ordinary to me - we must pay a lot more for food here (but we don't do tips. The waiters are paid an award wage.)

    Love your photos, and the line "It is a really really long walk past Saks, Nieman Marcus, and Nordstroms. I can prove this with my credit card statement."

  12. Your credit card got quite the workout, I hope you get to expense it for work!

    I think all cab drivers are jerks.

  13. Beautiful photos! I've never been to Chicago. Definitely on my TO GO TO list. Actually those prices don't sound all that bad to me.

  14. Glad your liked your boat tour, we are orginally from chicago area...yes they drive very different there! :)

  15. thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!

    I will take the boat trip. I LOVE the water.