Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RTT - When you've got nothing add pictures


Has it been a week already since the last Random Thoughts Tuesday? The premise here is to write a bunch of stuff that occurs to you but you can't really make a complete post out of them. Normally I'm able to talk most people's ears off about absolutely nothing but some Tuesdays these post just don't write themselves. Today is that day.
  • Nessa is on the bed next to me while I type. Every once in awhile her tail brushes my feet and it freaks me out. I keep thinking the there is a bug on my foot. I hate the bugs around here. They are like Jurassic size. Every time I see a big ass cockroach I expect it to speak to me in 3 languages. If they were any bigger you could ride the things.
  • I scored on cheese today. God bless managers specials at Krogers and mail in rebates.This makes me very happy. I love me some cheese. I love me some bargains. I bought these four tubs of cheese for $8.40. They came with a $5.00 off mail in rebate. That sucker will be in the mail first thing tomorrow. Making the price per tub is .85 cents. I have plans for these that include cheese sauce for pasta, cheesy scallop potatoes, risotto, grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese biscuits. Just to name a few. I'll get a minimum of 8 dinners out of these four little tubs. Now, that is a bargain!!!!

  • I took last Saturday's black bean and corn salad/salsa and made some great soup out of it. What a way to string along a dish. Served it with grilled bread with melted Brie on top. It feels great to have my kitchen back up and running. Now, if I can get my studio together my life will be complete.
  • I've never thought that having a wet bar would be a good thing. I am not to proud to say I was so wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
That's about it for me. I warned you that I had nothing this week. You should head over to Keely's place, The Un-Mom, for all the others that I'm sure have much more interesting things to say.



  1. Mmmmmmmm Cucumber Dill cheese. Mmmmmmmm Black Bean/Corn salad. Mangia!! Cheers Michele!!

  2. I am coming to your place for dinner.

  3. ohhhhh, dog, cheese & drink.....three of my favorite things!!

  4. I'm sorry, but I had to LMAO over the Texas cockroaches. One thing I do NOT miss.

    I LOVE and ADORE Alouette (or however it's spelled) cheeses. Nom nom nom nom nom.

    You're right; sometimes these Tuesday posts are harder to write than you'd think. Explains my post today really, really well.

  5. Thats was quite a bargain on cheese!!

    Thanks for the pic of Nessa. I was just telling Maria about her. She wants a Labordoodle and wanted to see a pic of her. Did I guess correctly?

  6. Kath you were really close. Nessa is a Goldendoodle. From what I can tell labordoodles look very much like her.

  7. you can make actual meals with the cheese? I'm always too busy with the crackers.

    You have really great random thoughts. Enjoyed very much.

  8. Nice score on the cheese! Man, all these RTTs are making me hungry!

    Oh, and that drink? That would totally go with anything I would eat!

  9. Loving your cheese score. Heck, in this house sometimes cheese and crackers IS the dinner meal!

    PS--Your doggie is a cutie!

  10. Mmmmmmmmm....cheese.

    There's a grocery store here that has hundreds of different cheeses. It's amazing.

  11. I love Alouette Cheese. Just give me a box of crackers and I'm happy.

    Oh, and you could put Brie on just about anything and I'll eat it.

  12. You are a blog and a bar in one! One stop shop here. :-)

  13. Have room for 2-1/2 more at dinner? ;)

    Great job on the cheesy ROCK! :)

    LOVE your dog - so CUTE!

    Happy RTT! :)

  14. I've been struggling with my Tuesday thoughts lately too... it just doesn't come to me the way I want it to.

    FL has some nasty cockroaches and every once in awhile I'll turn on a light and find one at 3AM. Then I go ballistic smashing the hell out of it before it can run and hide. PETA be damned, they're ROACHES.

    Yum to the wet bar.

  15. The only thing better than cheese is the wet bar! It was the first thing we moved into our house. Priorities!

    And big cockroaches are scary. Personally, I feel that if they get in my house the should be found and punished.

  16. Maybe I could send you some of our giant birds to eat those giant cockroaches.

  17. Mmmmmmm cheese.

    We had a wet bar in our last place and we rarely used it. But to be fair, it was in the basement in like, the furthest corner. Not ideal for entertaining.

  18. Nice score on the cheese! I know what you mean about bugs. We have freaking HUGE ones here. And they are taking over the hotel where I work. I was joking with one of the girls that one day I'll come in and one will e working the front desk!