Tuesday, May 26, 2009



It's Tuesday and we all know what that means. Those of us that play along with Keely's Random Tuesday Thoughts have a outlet for those crazy things rolling around in our heads.

I've written this early because I'm out of town this week. I'll be playing photojournalist in the weirdness that is Austin, TX. I foresee posting pictures later in the week.

  • As most of you know I'm a pretty big Beatles fan. A while back my brother-in-law sent us this list with links of youtube videos of the Beatles. Someone went to a lot of work on this.

  • This is one I'd never heard before but it made me laugh. I love how they started to make up naughty lyrics. Also, get a load of George's green pants. JR used to have long hair and a beard like Paul's. Maybe, I can get him to grow them back out again. 57 that might not be a good look for him. He'd probably look like an old homeless guy.

  • Holy crap! Cap Cod chips go through a wall - yeah that's a effing WALL of salt. That is according to the Food network.

That is so wrong in so many tasty ways.

  • JR had planned to quit his job in AZ and find a new one here. The regional manager wouldn't let him quit. He decided to let JR go on leave without pay for a couple of weeks. Saturday the regional manager called to let JR know that he would be starting back to work on Tuesday. This is great news. JR doesn't have to do the whole search and interview thing and I don't have to worry myself into a bundle of nerves.

  • I've fallen in love with my local Krogers. They sell fresh tortillas. OMG! You can't even compare the fresh ones against the packaged ones. Now, if the store would stop trying to gross me out by bringing out huge tubs of these:

live crawfish. It creeps me the hell out. All those creepy crawly things climbing all over each other. Ugh! Puts me right off my dinner. Not an easy task.

  • My librarian friend Vinny has given me a superhero alias; Lady D (for digital). Now I want an avatar that is dressed in one of those skimpy outfits, tall black boots, and wrist bands that shoot flash drives. I could do that look.
That's it for me. Hope it wasn't too painful an experience for you. Now, go on over to The Un-Mom to check out all the other participants. Casey at Half as Good as You also got into the act. Check out those folks also. You won't be sorry.



  1. Oh, sure - go on. Taunt me with your fresh tortillas and live crawfish. I'm just going to go over here and sit in the corner and cry. Between sobs I'm going to laugh at George's green pants.

  2. From Beetles to crayfish - that was random.

    My mum used to wear a pair of pants exactly that shade of green when I was at high school. They were her favourite pants. It was embarrassing.

  3. You need to not be out of town. I'll be needing your help in a few days. I have an inner tube to get rid of.

  4. Cape Cod Chips are the best. If I ate chips I would eat those all day long. Nice photo of them; so pretty with the blue gingham. I like how the picture looks framed, it is so tasteful.

    Yeah I zeroed in on the chips. yum. salt.

  5. I have seen that Food Network program about the wall of salt and Cape Cod chips and had to stage a solo intervention on myself to stop me from going out at 11PM to get me some. Apparently, mirrors work in solo interventions, were you aware?

  6. Cape Cod chips are awesome! Haven't had them in years though. Did do their factory tour once.

  7. Krogers Rocks. Enjoy Austin. Cheers Michele.

  8. Holy fresh tortillas! I am jealous! I don't think my Kroger does that. Maybe it's a Tejas thing?

  9. Make sure you post LOTS of pictures! I've hardly left the house in days and I'll just settle for living vicariously through you!

  10. Ha, thanks for the linky love, I feel honored!

    JR should go for the homeless man look, he basically was one for a few weeks until you found the new house, right? Wait, that was just you, living in a hotel and out of take out boxes.

    So is JR working remotely or will he have to go back to AZ often? I'm confused but I'm glad it seems to have worked out.

    We have a great place here that makes fresh tortillas and they are yum.

  11. Mmmmmm crawfish.

    Lady D is an AWESOME super hero name!