Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's all about priorities

The movers showed up on Thursday afternoon. JR and I have been trying to unpack boxes, find places for everything, and still live our lives.

As with all reno/decorating projects I have already hurt myself. You know, those years of ballet are not really paying off. While putting together the fountain on the back patio I tripped over the hose. I am now sporting a scrape on my ankle, a nasty bump and scrape on my elbow and two huge bruises on the hip. Oh yeah, I'm just that graceful.

This is my office.

This is the living room. Messy!

This is our wet bar. It's all about priorities.



  1. Yes, priorities. Well unpacking glasses is still unpacking, isn't it!? Hope your bumps, scrapes and bruises aren't troubling you too much. If they are, at least you can sit down and have a drink.

  2. What are, "priorities"? And another thing...I don't thin those bruises and scrapes came from unpacking. Uh-huh...Sure. Cheers Michele!!

  3. I think your priorities are definitely in order.

    I'll have pictures of my own "mess" up sometime today, so don't feel bad about yours!

  4. Woohoo! I'll be right over, and I'd like a dirty martini.

    We looked at a lot of houses with wet bars--this pic makes me wish we'd gotten one of those!

  5. Ha! As long as you have your priorities "straight"!
    Yes, I crack myself up sometimes..

  6. see and if you were me, your fridge would be filled already with yogurt, milk and there would HOney nut cheerios ready and waiting to be eaten

  7. Spiffy wet bar! And no glass doors to get in the way. But how are you going to make it up to that nice old hutch that used to house the glasses?

  8. You made me laugh! The wet bar first everything else as time allows!


  9. Oh, a wet bar, awesome! Ours would contain sippy cups and bottles these days since we're lame but I'm coming to hang out at yours one day soon!

    Sorry about your big fall, it's easy to get injured these days. Today, I tried taking the kids for a walk around the block and both of them came home with scraped knees and one scraped elbow. I'm not sure why I even try letting them out of the padded room but sometimes I do. You should go back in your padded room soon too.

  10. Wet bar up and running....priorities, oh yeah.....what do you have in a Chardonnay by the glass????