Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RTT = They're Back


Random Thoughts Tuesday another wonderful product brought to by Keely over at the Un-Mom. Go look her over. She won't mind. Ask to see her new sparkler. It's a stunner.

The Boys are back. Tell me again why I was so excited? Oh that's right. I would get my kitchen things. Well, that didn't work out quite so well. It seems that the mover can't get our stuff here until Thursday. Some pack rat in Tempe that is also moving to Houston has so much stuff that it was going to take 3 days to pack the rest of the truck. Our poor meager things only took up 1/4 of the truck and 3 hours to load. The rest was allocated to the pack rat. Edit your stuff People!

Another cause for all my excitement was the alleviation of the quiet. Be careful what you wish for. The noise level in the house has gone up considerably. 2 men + 2 dogs = 400% more noise. The cat is very quiet. He can stay.

My new living room furniture. Turns out that the manufacturer will not be able to deliver it until June 9th. Waaahhh!

When I first got to Houston I found my favorite store of all time. Specs Spirits and Fine Foods. My new SFF (sales friend forever) sold me a bottle of the prettiest little Pinot Noir. I went back for more on Saturday. Alas, I was to be denied. The winery went out of business (shouldn't that be against the law?) Anyway, it turns out that the $15 bottles were gone but the store down the street had ten bottles of the $20 variety. A quick drive 5 miles south found me buying all 10 bottles. Even with the case discount and the 5% off for paying with cash JR and the Boy thought I was nuts for spending $180 on wine. Then we crack open a bottle. They changed their tune fast enough. I plan to lay down 5 of those bottles. If they are this good at 3 years old image at 6. Yummy!

Don't be thinking I over spent on the wine. The $20 bottles had been mark down from $50. Score!!

I love our new neighborhood, my new job, the wonderfully polite people of Texas, and the Houston weather (so far so good). What I don't love is the bureaucratic crap that the state of Texas is putting us through just to transfer our driver licenses. It turns out that you can't get a license without registering your vehicles and you can't register your vehicles without getting your vehicles inspected and you can't get your vehicles inspected without proof of insurance in Texas. Our Arizona insurance doesn't count,! BTW, don't forget your certified birth certificate, social security card and your valid drivers license from the previous state. Turns out this is a three day process.

That's enough bitching from me for today. Now, go on over to The Un-Mom to check out all the other participants. Casey at Half as Good as You also got into the act. Check out those folks also. You won't be sorry. Not every one is a whining complainer like I am.



  1. I've heard stories like yours from other people moving to a new state.

  2. Ah, you will be rejoicing next April 15 when you pay no state and local income taxes.

    When we moved to Ohio, where there are no vehicle inspections and you don't need proof of insurance for anything - they'll take your word for it - that was great and all. But the thousands of extra dollars I pay in state and local taxes is no trade-off, believe me.

  3. There is no such thing as overpaying for good wine! About the quiet I WOULD LOVE SOME QUIET! I live with my parents, brother, and partially deaf grandfather who blasts the TV from 6pm to 11pm refusing to wear headphones, hearing aids, or anything that might alleviate us from his noise. We also have three dogs in the yard. Listen buddy, I've had so much noise living here that I doubt I would mind a quiet little place. If it gets TOO quiet I'll crank the stereo and throw a party with myself and a bottle of wine!

    Happy RTT!!
    I played too!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of hoops to jump through for your license. We can order ours online here so I have an extra copy in Jamie's wallet so I don't have to carry mine when he's around. Weird, yes.

    I'm glad the boys are back. Noise or not, you were missing them. Admit it. That sucks ass about your stuff and your new furniture. I'm also sorry that your SFF is no more.

  5. Ugh. I hated moving between states for some of the reasons you said-- drivers licenses, insurance, registration... ugh.

  6. Glad you're reunited! And that is a major score on the wine. Who needs furniture with such great wine around?

  7. You're such a bargain shopper. Happy you've been reunited. With that Pinot, I mean.

  8. I heard that Texas does that to people to see if their balls are big enough to hold up their belt buckles. You show 'em!

  9. Good luck with all that driver's license red-tape crap. Good thing you found a place that sells awesome wine....

  10. Colorado must have learned from Texas. Our son is going through all of that same process moving back here from Georgia.

    Arizona where to live is easy.


  11. Yeah...let's see how much you love Texas in a month or so when it gets hot down there!

    Don't look at the Drivers License thing as a process that is unruly, look at it as an initiation into a by a bunch of really stupid people.

  12. I enjoyed your random thoughts today, and I'm glad your family's back. Soon you'll have your kitchen stuff, your cookbooks, your new furniture, and maybe by next year, your new driver's license. :) Have you run into any Texas fire ants yet? Beware, those critters can bite.

  13. It's so nice to hear someone love their neighborhood and job. So jealous.

  14. Yeah! The boys are back!!!

    Nothing is worse than changing everything over from your maiden name to your married name. It's been 1 1/2 years and I'm still dealing with it!

  15. All the red tape is worth it in the end ... believe me!

    Glad Spec's is still treatin ya well. Have you settled on a market yet?

  16. I don't think your crazy for buying wine by the's cheaper that way...and you always have some on hand....RIGHT??? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! :)

  17. You had me at the wine... ;)

    Eventually we'll be moving from Small Town PA to another state - we haven't rolled the dice yet to pick a state, but I won't be looking forward to any of the bureaucratic things we'll have to do when we do move...that and moving the abundance of crap we've collected over the years... :) Isn't it amazing how the level of sound escalates when the boys are back? :)

    Happy RTT a day late! :)